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So I have this thread where I post one sketch a day. No one has posted a reply after I posted twice so now I can't post my update. Is there a way around this? I guess this is good to stop trolls from bumping a dead thread but well I'd like to continue to post my sketches each day here but...well what do I do? Do I just sit and wait till someone posts??? Kinda silly and kills the point of the thread.

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Well either you do Blogs, or you could hit someone up to bump it.

Or you post with a second account but pssssst.

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I could go bump it.

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@warlock360, @rulerofthisuniverse HA! You guys are too cool. Blog huh? Sounds like a good idea but I doubt anyone would see it since I don't have a following...or would that blog post in the Artist Show Off? That's where my thread Arinya Sketch of the Day lives if you wanna check it out. * wink * wink *

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@arinya: you can attach a blog to a forum and it will show like any thread.