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There are so many annoying bugs that i now have to make a list of all of them

  1. Connection to site: Server side issue, sometimes i can't connect to the site at all, even after clearing cookies, this seems to occur more often than not
  2. Posting: Another hidden bug, sometimes i am able to write a post, but upon clicking the post button, my post is ignored and never registered, was unable to post all of yesterday despite clearing cookies
  3. Bug in the menu: A bug in the menu appears upon clicking a link to an external site, it prevents me from switching to another tab and i have to forcibly close the browser and open it all over again
  4. Unable to edit any topics: Its been like this for like... I dont know.... a month!? If i create a topic then after refreshing the page why can't i edit it? Makes no sense

Please fix these

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@cryomodeste5: @lord_titan_: Does no one understand the purpose of the Master Bug Reporting Thread for the New Wiki? The purpose of that thread is to collate all of the bugs/problems the new site has. If you have any other bugs, please post them in the pinned thread. Makes it easier on the staff's end and user's like myself who are trying to make the site a better place.