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Weird errors on the site that I believe should mostly be resolved now. If you're still having issues please log out and log back in or email support at comicvine.com if they persist. Sorry for the trouble.

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Yeah its resolved. Thank you.

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Had this same problem! Really scary because there's no way to even communicate that something's wrong. I'll have to remember to email support if it happens again. :P

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@rorie: Yeah, that was beyond bizarre. Glad you all got it fixed.

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@rorie: Looks like this might be back again.

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Yeah, this just started happening to me.

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I’m experiencing this problem on posting on PMs at the moment. I can still post on forums at the moment.

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I can't post in PMs either as all it accomplishes is triggering the "Malicious Request" warning for whatever reason. However, I can post in threads just fine.

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Still having problems with the PM and I can’t seem to post on threads on the computer but I can on my phone for some odd reason.

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Yesterday I couldn't post for many hours, although I could send PMs.

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I couldn't post for hours especially when I was at the library where I can use computers. -___-

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hopefully its fixed now

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Testing to see if it's fixed- couldn't post earlier today.

Edit: Yay!