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Is this happening to anyone else? I'm trying to reply to a PM. Have followed the recommended steps, but was wondering if it is just me.

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@bumpyboo: Ssshhhh, let it pass. No one is supposed to know about it. In all seriousness, this is a big problem. It shouldn't happen at all if anything.


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@bumpyboo: Right....Can't pm lol @lunacyde: I was trying to pm you and keep getting this...

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@bumpyboo: mods- please help there are some bugs/ issues I am facing.

I am not able to make post from my computer. I tried different browsers I am getting an error. I sent a PM to all the mods.

I don't think it's a malware related issue but on the other hand I am able to post through phone. Like this post.

I am suspecting this to be one of the new site issues.

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Can you try logging out and back in? I think we may have lost your user session.

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Edit: I had this issue in which I couldn't tag, use the search engine or post a comment. I was testing to see if the problem went away.

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@wcarle: Rorie has created a thread about this problem. Its fixed now.


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I'm getting this problem now

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Me too.....

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Same for me

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saaaame... honestly the site has been super wonky the whole day. First it was loading really slowly, sometimes not loading at all. It also swallowed a couple of my posts and missed some notifications.