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1. We saw Hela acknowledging the power of Infinity Gauntlet - there was a sample in Asgard.

2. She wasn't impressed by the tessaract neither.

3. She stopped Mjolnir, which was forged by the same dwarf on the same star.

4. this dwarf forged the Stormbreaker axe that overpowered the completed Infinity gauntlet

So... was Hela right neglecting the infinity power, believing/knowing that Eternal flame was just better?

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@whyzoserious: More Stormbreaker wank because it can slice through an energy beam? Anyone remembers that the infinity gauntlet kinda has incredibly hax abilities Storm Breaker has no answer for? Nobody? Really?

We've seen the limits of the eternal flame was destroying one planet and that was when Surtur had it and it seemongly killed him as well. The Gauntlet wiped out half the universes population and is still functional on some level at least.