How Does One Activate Their ComicVine Account?

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I went to my Email inbox for account activation, and it just took me to your main page and didn’t let me make a new battle thread. What’s up with that? I just saw a thread stating that your guys’ registration server (I’m no computer scientist so I don’t know what that is) was down. If that’s the case, and that thread was fairly recent, are there any estimates on how long this will take to fix? And when you guys get this sorted out, will the people who created new accounts after this glitch appeared (e.g. me) be forced to delete our dysfunctional accounts and start over? If so, how does one do the opposite and unsubscribe from ComicVine? If not, then can you make sure this minor inconvenience doesn’t happen again? I need some answers! I had a good idea for a thread! I was gonna post it today!