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I do not get PMs for recommended content despite having the box checked. This is over all browsers I have used. I know a few other people who have this problem.

I also don't get PMs, for when people @ reply me or when someone posts on my wall.

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@bluelantern1995: Do you get a PM for this? Can you @reply me from this thread and I'll see if I get a notification?

I'm not sure if these are known issues but I can ask an engineer about it.

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@rorie: I don't get PMs for replies. I just realized this today. Yes, the box is checked.

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@inferiorego: Hmm, I just got a PM for this comment. At any rate, I told Pibb about it and he'll look into it. Sorry for the trouble.

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@inferiorego: If you have it set so that you don't get notifications when people comment on your content, then that prevents you from getting notifications for replies. I don't know why or if it was just an oversight/bug, but I figured it out a week or so ago when I realized I suddenly wasn't receiving notification replies just after opting not to receive notifications when people commented on my content.