Complicated Avatar Changes on Mobile

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I’m mostly active on mobile, my laptop wont always start up, but before the recent layout update, I could change my avatars on mobile using the previous image option. I click my previous image tab, I could get the tab open, turn my phone and enough of the choose image button at the bottom right corner was there to click. It isn’t anymore, I can’t turn my phone to change the page range nor can I slide over to and change it.

Now, I have to dig through my phone and start uploading copies if I want to do this, or scroll through my existing galleries, resave a picture, and then upload. It’s just more steps than necessary.

Anyone else have this issue at all and is there anyway someone got around It? Or can it be fixed?

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@god_spawn: Honestly I think your best bet would be to try using Desktop Mode on your mobile browser when doing this. It basically just boots up the desktop version of the site and allows you to do everything you couldn't before. It's a little clunky though.

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@cloudguy: I’ve actually tried that in both safari and chrome to no avail. Thanks for the response, though.