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I’m posting from a mobile so forgive me.

Anyways, i tried logging into my main account (Shanana) and i keep getting a message saying that i need to link to gamespot; not sure why since i did that years ago. Anyways when i try to do so, i keep getting sent in a circle; meaning every time i verify it sends me back to the beginning of the process

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Never mind you can lock this i got in

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Actually, I'm having some weirdness with login tonight. Twice I've logged out so I could login to another account. When I hit the login link on the CV page though, it gives me a 500 error. If I click on my bookmark of the login page, I can login just fine.

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@cbishop: agreed, I’m just tying to get off mobile and o to my pc and it still doesn’t work

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The button leads to the wrong url.

try using this one.