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Here's my details:

Operating SystemWindows Windows XP
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Here's the problem with blogs:

  1. Any spoiler blocks are gone. The info is still there, so they can be recreated, once the bug is fixed.
  2. I tried to fix one spoiler block as a test, and got a 500 Internal Server Error.
  3. I realize this item probably won't be fixed, but the ads on the side of blogs now has completely f'd up the presentation of the blogs. Info in some tables just runs off the side of the blog, into some limbo that you can't scroll to, to be able to read it.
  4. Reiterating: some info in tables runs right out of the blog, with no horizontal scroll bar to be able to follow it.
  5. Related to blogs, I use cover images frequently in my blogs, but I can no longer copy cover images on the site. I used to have the option to "copy image" and "copy image url," which allowed me to create my own links in my blogs. That's gone. CV once stated that all of this stuff would be available for users to copy, because it's the users who are putting it onsite for you. What happened to that?
  6. Placing an image in a blog, using the "image url" feature in the toolbar, makes the image entirely too large, even when "small" is selected. Again, this has entirely screwed the presentation of some blogs.

Personal note: It's never seemed that user blogs were really all that important to this site, but I hope that attitude changes. There are future pros on this site, and at least a few who are already fans-turned-published-pros. When I was going strong on blog writing, I had a decent amount of readers - possibly just because I posted on a regular basis.

I had a goal in mind though: to post blogs so that my name (screen name, whatever) is out there, so if I do get published, it's a little easier to promote myself, because there's already an established audience. Also, by doing so on CV, rather than creating my own website (which isn't really an area of expertise for me) I already sort of have a relationship with this site, if it does come to the point that I'd like to promote my works with previews, interviews and such.

So the destruction of the way blogs are presented, by crowding them with ads and messing up they way one can present images and tables, is very disheartening. Because I posted my blogs with an eye towards "building a brand," I put a lot of work into them. It wasn't just firing a few sentences off and calling it a blog. I'm personally very disappointed that the redesign seems to have disregarded this area. Hopefully, these are just bugs that will be fixed. If not, I can tell you that my enthusiasm for this site is dampened greatly.

Not pissed off. Not cursing the engineers and design team. Not hating anyone. Just disappointed at the current state of things. I'm sure it comes off a little whiny. Sorry about that. Looking forward to seeing some positive fixes.