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I've noticed that when you query the beta API for information about a 'volume' resource, it does not provide data for the 'count_of_issues' property (I compared results with the exact same query on the original API, which does provide 'count_of_issues').

This is a pretty critical bit of data for my app, so I'm hoping it was just a typo or oversight somewhere that can be easily fixed.


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Here's an example (put in your own API key):

No count_of_issues: http://beta.comicvine.com/api/search/?api_key=XXX&format=xml&resources=volume&field_list=name,count_of_issues&query=power%20pack&offset=0

Has count_of_issues: http://api.comicvine.com/search/?api_key=XXX&format=xml&resources=volume&field_list=name,count_of_issues&query=power%20pack&offset=0

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@cbanack: Should be fixed before it hits live.