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When I went to add some images into my Image gallery. I was surprised to see no images in my gallery. All Images section appears to be empty, with the exception of any images added after the site reboot.

Any images that I uploaded and didn't sort into a folder are basically missing.

I would add that any images that were sorted into a folder do eventually appear, but not until the second time those tags are selected. You hit a tag once and nothing appears. If you select a second tag then go back to the previous one the images then appear in that gallery.

URL: http://www.comicvine.com/profile/foxxfireart/images/

Browser: FireFox

OS: Windows XP

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The tags not appearing to the second time are most likely image resizing, sorry about that but if you have a ton of images it still needs to resize them.

The missing All Images tag is a known bug, gonna work on a fix today.