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- Who would win in a fight to the death (tv versions) -

First Fight:

Ser Gregor Clegane -

  • Kings guard armor
  • His standard sword

Ser Arthur Dayne -

  • Kings Guard armor
  • Two standard swords

Second Fight:

Ser Gregor Clegane -

  • kings Guard armor
  • Valyrian steel sword

Ser Arthur Dayne -

  • kings Guard armor
  • Dawn and a valyrian steel sword

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Gregor wins both rounds, round 2 he has 2 swords sticking out of his chest.

Give him advanced knowledge, room to dance around and Ice or Longclaw and Dayne could presumably take a leg off the Mountain and get a win.

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Dayne can’t kill him.

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dayne wins if he has knowledge (goes for the head ASAP)
also depends on fighting location , if dayne has space to move around he wins .

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Dayne is way too good of a fighter. He would murder-stomp Brienne, who beat the Hound, who stalemated the Mountain.

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Arthur is too good for Gregor. He will hit him several times until he realizes that Gregor is not slowing down. He will notice that something is different here and go for the heavy shots. Gregor can not compete with the best swordsman. There are levels to this game and Gregor is far from away from this one.