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Strange infuses himself with the power of Zom (like he did against WWHulk) and heads off to the Chaos Dimension, as Shuma-Gorath has been taunting him with his impending arrival on Earth, and without an evil god merged with Strange he would have no chance.

This time, Strange will not worry about being consumed by Zom's evil and will go all out in trying to defeat Shuma. Can he take out Shuma just by being merged with Zom alone?

Rules: Zom-Strange cannot merge with Shuma for a victory. Battle is won by one destroying the other. If it wasn't made obvious already, this is a battle in Shuma-Gorath's main dimension.

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Classic Zom alone is a big hitter,in shumas relam might be tough though,i gonna stand this one out,some guys on here a shuma experts they will provide a better outcome. good fight imo.

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Zom should be able to beat Shuma but not when it's in Stranges body

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Shuma pwns.

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I don't know if Zom has been retconned in his ~40-50 year absence from comics, I also don't know if Shuma's been retconned after his appearance in those Conan comics, but this is difficult since both characters were meant to be incalculably powerful, and as such, you can't really compare them to each other.

This is also tricky since they're both rarely appearing, obscure characters and because both Zom and Shuma-gorath were originally intended to be at the around top of the hierarchy in the Marvel omniverse...meaning, at the two character's immediate first appearances, the only other guys you could compare them to were Eternity and Dormammu/Umar. Dorm is implied to be below both of them (but that's somewhat debatable for Shuma's case).

Zom is strong, Eternity is debatably weaker than him because Zom scared off Umar (who had Dorm's power...which was, a few issues earlier, shown to be sufficient to "kill"...or at least completely incappacitate Eternity), so we can assume Zom was intended to be stronger than Eternity and Dormammu. For Zom's feats, the energy released from his forelock caused an omniversal energy imbalance so significant it warranted the first appearance of the Living Tribunal, who showed up, beat Zom, and then began work on correcting the imbalance (his solution was going to be to destroy the 616-universe)...so Zom is shown to be weaker than only the LT, yet because Zom so rarely used, you don't have much in the way of feats.

Shuma-Gorath was capable of completely controlling high-level entities (like Nightmare) without even being in the same dimension, and has himself conquered hundreds of universes. The saga of Shuma's first appearance also took up 11 comics (Marvel Premier #3–14) and lead to the death of the Ancient One, the biggest character in the series next to the Doc...Shuma was this vaguely indestructible extra-dimensional freak who was implied to dwarf the powers of all Strange's old opponents. Shuma has so many people backing him, despite him having a relatively scant amount of feats, largely because of the way he's regarded by other characters...the Ancient One gave his life just to prevent his coming to 616, Shuma's followers act as if he were completely omnipotent, and Sise-neg was unable to absorb Shumas energy (i think) and avoided direct conflict with him despite having absorbed almost all the energy that existed in all time. He was just a character that was uniformly regarded as scary by everyone who referenced him. Yet, there's not alot of evidence to show that he gets a home-field advantage from being in the Chaos-Dimension. In the second Marvel Premier series where dark-magic Dr. Strange fused with Arioch (a follower of Shuma who had the ability of making himself as powerful as he wanted) was able to beat (but not permanently kill) Shuma in what may have been his home dimension. This again isn't too useful tho since Arioch never appears again, so we don't know how powerful Strange really was when he beat Shuma.

Heh, long writeup, my bad, but I guess my short answer is that I feel like Zom's power being contained in Strange cannot be to his advantage, and Shuma supposedly can never truly die...plus he's said to have magic absorbing power, so I'd give it to Shuma. Even if it were the true Zom vs Shuma in a neutral dimension, even though I'd say Zom would possess more pure power than Shuma, I'd give it to Shuma in the long run...although I don't know what it takes for someone who's not the LT to beat Zom, he might be unkillable too...not enough info.

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Strange hasn't a chance - - such is the verdict of Shuma-Gorath!

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Shuma Gorath.