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Location:Africa new thing.

This time Zee had moved far from it all the city and even the villages. He moved to a whole new place and took over a small portion of it. Although it was small people knew not to go there or even near there for the frightful things that might happen to them. The local people and things that used to live there all died. the only things that acould survive and remain alive where his sonimals.

Those where his precious things not even real but he cared for in a way. He made animals to take the places of the dead ones, he made villagers to take the place of the dead ones. he really only left the plants and the grass. Most others things huts and such were made from sound. He had grown in so much power he could keep it up for months with his sonimals out and still have the same amount of power and even absorb them in. Although he usually sat in a chair made of earth waiting for a special day to arrive as a king would. Or what he thought himself to be a Demi-god.