Yuno vs Wendy

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  • In characters
  • All Feats
  • Random Encounter-No knowledge and prep
  • Wins by Death or K.O


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Round 1: Speed is equalized

Round 2:Speed is unequalized

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R1: Wendy wins considering she can eat all of his attacks.

R2: Yuno should be faster, so he can win as long as he can take Wendy down before she eats too much of his magic.

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What is the level of attacks that Wendy can eat, and can she deal with Mana Zone and getting hit from the back.

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R1: Wendy wins via being basically immune to all of Yuno's attacks.

R2: Yuno blitzes the crap out of her over and over until she goes down, without him taking a scratch in return.

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Round 1: Wendy takes it

Round 2: Yuno Rekts