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#1 Posted by Tacosheep (442 posts) - - Show Bio

So lets see how far comic vines favorite characters get in this large gauntlet.


State your favorite character and how far you believe they make it.

If your favorite character is on the list just assume they were not.

If you believe the gauntlet is out of order, I may change it if you convince me it is so.

Each battle is a random encounter with no prep and standard equipment.

The Gauntlet

1. Daredevil

2. Batman

3. Captain America

4. Iron fist

5. Kenshin Himura

6. Samurai Jack

7. Percy Jackson (on a beach)

8. Danny Phantom

9. Generator Rex ( Not god Rex)

10. Aquaman

11. Luffy (one piece)

12. Iron-man

13. Naruto

14. Wonder woman

15. Ben 10 (no alien x)

16. Doomsday

17. Thanos

18. Odin

19. Galactus

20. Spectre

21. Dream of the Endless

22. Lucifer

23. Michael

24. Lucifer and Michael.

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#2 Posted by rickyrck (1993 posts) - - Show Bio

Aizen, stops at 12 i think

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#3 Posted by deactivated-5af85f4e3dbf7 (617 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm skipping the anime characters I have no idea about them.

Wally - stops at 17, possibly at 16.

Wonder Woman - stops at 14 lol

Cyclops - stops at 10.

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#4 Posted by KingCrimson (5648 posts) - - Show Bio


Don't know R5, but I've heard Samurai Jack is hypersonic and his sword feats should easily be enough to harm a ghoul.

Ken should stop there.

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#5 Posted by SMXLR8 (6748 posts) - - Show Bio

Have many favorites but here what I got

Xiao stop at 11 or 12

Mep stop at 12-14

I have to think of others

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#6 Edited by Tomkatie (3368 posts) - - Show Bio

Barry Allen- He probably stops at around 16 or 17. Idk much about Lucifer of Michael, but if they're above Spectre then I don't think Barry can touch them.

Hyperion- Probably stops at Doomsday, since he's Marvel's "alternate reality" Superman, and we all know how Supes v. Dooms works out.

Miles Morales- Stops at 1 lmao

Slipknot- Clears with ease

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#7 Posted by deactivated-5b728068f211c (7069 posts) - - Show Bio

My favorite character is thanos, 2nd beerus

Thanos would stop at 18

Beerus 18 or 19

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#8 Edited by MyLittleFascist (31726 posts) - - Show Bio

Oz Vessalius

Possibly stops at Aquaman (I don't know enough about Aquaman's speed). Luffy from what I can tell is solidly hypersonic, so he'd probably beat Oz.

Give Oz some superman physicals and he'd prolly stop at Galactus or Dream.

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#9 Posted by TheLoneRider (756 posts) - - Show Bio

Ghost Rider (Blaze)

Stops at 14 :P

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#10 Edited by LordWhis2 (637 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor, stop at 18 with Regular attacks & at 20 with the god blast as Exitar is leagues beyond Galactus, KT stops at 21 without godblast if the injuring Chaos king feat is legit as CK is leagues beyond the specter, I don't know about RKT as I'm not sure how big a power difference omniscience will be able to make up.

TOAAThor Stalemates 24, as I think Over monitor & The presence are just different names for the same being.

Also Batman >= Captain America

WW might actually be more dangerous to Thor then some of the people above her because she's worthy, but he should still get past her.

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#11 Posted by Pipxeroth (9295 posts) - - Show Bio

A few of my favourites -

Taskmaster would beat Iron Fist, but I know nothing about 5-9 so I cant say where he stops.

Doom would stop at 16-17.

Hulk would stop at 17, or 16 depending on versions. Same as Ultron.

Ghost Rider stops at 18.

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#12 Posted by PenguinLover (994 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor: Stops at 14, maybe 16 or 17. If it's Jane Foster Thor, she gets to 24 or clears.

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#13 Edited by Sawed_Off_It (13365 posts) - - Show Bio

I gave alot. Just for thresf purposes ee will say Mewtwo.

I would guess 12

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#14 Posted by CelticHunter (12 posts) - - Show Bio

Wolf Predator stops at R5

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#15 Posted by EzraArcher (1165 posts) - - Show Bio

Don't think Spike Spiegel is getting through round 1 :(

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#16 Posted by deactivated-597fe3e7af56f (2560 posts) - - Show Bio

Sansa Stark (book version only). Stops hard at 1.

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#17 Posted by Apocofist (3028 posts) - - Show Bio

This gauntlet has some weak ass characters.

Batman (Adam West) destroys.

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#18 Posted by LordWhis2 (637 posts) - - Show Bio

Some of my other favorites:

Michael, stops at 24, or actually 23 since he is removed from the list.

Featherine, Stalemates 24

@tacosheep: Batman > Captain America

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#19 Posted by Pokeysteve (12020 posts) - - Show Bio

Castle stops at 1. Supe and WW don't get by Doomsday.

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#20 Posted by Warlockmage (9290 posts) - - Show Bio

Adam Warlock gets to 17

Wolverine gets past 4 and probably stops somewhere between 5 and 10 but i have no idea who any of those are before Aquaman

Tim Drake stops at 1

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#21 Posted by TheWatcherKing (18456 posts) - - Show Bio

Stops at samurai jack

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#22 Posted by Tacosheep (442 posts) - - Show Bio


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#23 Posted by Dr_Deplorable (1290 posts) - - Show Bio

Dr.Doom stops at 17

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#24 Posted by Supermanforever (8512 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman. Stops at Doomsday.

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#25 Posted by StormShadow_X (16772 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe 2. Could lose at one.

It being Nightwing.

Cyclops . Depends. Could be 2 if he's not jobbing.

Hal could stop at 14.

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#26 Posted by deactivated-5ab47f6017f34 (3189 posts) - - Show Bio

Alex mercer and freddy krueger stops at 16

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#27 Posted by deactivated-5bb6a6f86dc65 (4972 posts) - - Show Bio

stops at round 1

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#28 Edited by Marshall_Long (5649 posts) - - Show Bio

Favorites that come to mind...

Sephiroth stops at 13, or 14

Trunks stops at 16

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#29 Edited by LarcadeDragneel (1355 posts) - - Show Bio

My favorite character is Lucifer so stalemate at 22 and possibly stalemates 23 but stops at 24.

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#30 Posted by DeathStrokeFan1626 (230 posts) - - Show Bio

Deathstroke: might stop 4 (don't know much about IF, or 5 and 6). prob stops and Percy. Don't know 8 and 9 but loses 10, 9/10.

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#31 Edited by skyroid (2646 posts) - - Show Bio

My Favorite is Death and Lucifer. Also love Percy Jackson and Dream.

Death Stops at Lucifer

Lucifer I guess stops also at Lucifer?

And i guess Percy gets beat by Percy in the Beach?

And Dream and Dream ties?

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#32 Posted by HeroUp2112 (18328 posts) - - Show Bio


1. Daredevil Win

2. Batman If BL win, if not lose

3. Captain America If BL win, if not probably lose

4. Iron fist BL win, not lose

5. Kenshin Himura dunno who this is

6. Samurai Jack win

7. Percy Jackson (on a beach) Don't know enough about him

8. Danny Phantom Stalemae

9. Generator Rex ( Not god Rex) Dunno who this is

10. Aquaman BL win, if not big time loss

11. Luffy (one piece) Don't know enough about him/her?

12. Iron-man BL probably, if not NO

13. Naruto dunno

14. Wonder woman dunno

15. Ben 10 (no alien x) Don't know enough about all his different forms

16. Doomsday no the rest of the way down

17. Thanos

18. Odin

19. Galactus

20. Spectre

21. Dream of the Endless

22. Lucifer

23. Michael

24. Lucifer and Michael.

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#33 Posted by CelestialKnight (1482 posts) - - Show Bio

Mxyz stops at 20 (depending on version of Spectre). Hard stop at Lucifer.

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#34 Posted by theawesomeflashsandiego32 (2152 posts) - - Show Bio

Wally stops at 17

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#35 Posted by deactivated-5a46927fc5463 (2849 posts) - - Show Bio

Pre-Retcon Beyonder...

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#36 Posted by SupremeGeneration (11922 posts) - - Show Bio

Percy is way too high. So is overrated Ben.

Iron Man stops at 14. Percy stops at 6 (dunno 5). Maybe 4.

Hulk stops at 16 or 17. Ultron stops at 17.

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#37 Edited by Azureus (2701 posts) - - Show Bio

Zeke Jaeger (Attack on Titan)- Stops at Iron Fist.

Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto/Boruto)- Stops at Naruto.

The King (God of Highschool)- Stops at Thanos.

Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)-Stops at Iron Fist.

Aizen Sosuke (Bleach)- Stops at Iron Man.

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#38 Edited by Wewlad80 (3411 posts) - - Show Bio

Fused Zamasu stops at Spectre

Kaneki Stops at Samurai Jack

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#39 Edited by Gnomishness (1656 posts) - - Show Bio

Hashirama stops at Ironman (12) but depending on circumstance, could lose as early as (10) and as late as (13).

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#40 Posted by Vertigo- (17820 posts) - - Show Bio

Jack Hawksmoor probably stops at 11-12.

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#41 Posted by noah_ouellette (3722 posts) - - Show Bio

Id say Revan stops at WW.

Hal Jordan might clear Doomsday. Depends if I can bloodlust him.

Grand regent thragg should smoke everyone up to naruto and then Idkw

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#42 Posted by OldKaiser (2990 posts) - - Show Bio

1. Gintoki - R5.

2. Utsuro - R8.

3. Claire Stanfield - R1.

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#44 Posted by deactivated-5ab47f6017f34 (3189 posts) - - Show Bio

Although maybe alex can absorb their abilities.

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#46 Posted by Major_Hellstrom (17902 posts) - - Show Bio

My favourite Marvel hero stops at 14-15.

My favourite Marvel villain stops at 20 (with prep).

My favourite Indie hero stops at 12.

My favourite Indie villain stops at 12.

My favourite DC hero stops at 16.

My favourite DC villain stops at 17.

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#47 Edited by UltimateSage (3116 posts) - - Show Bio

Mega BUMP!

Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto/Boruto)- Stops at Naruto.....?

Madara Uchiha (Naruto)- Stops at WW.

Soma (Food Wars)-clears, he gives everyone a foodgasm.lol

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#48 Edited by Serph89 (71 posts) - - Show Bio

1. Broly dbs stops at 16

2. Legolas from tlotr stops at 1

3. Killua HxH maybe stops at 3

4. Giogio from jjba stops at 16

5. Jotaro stops at 12

6. Rama from the raid series stops at 1

Oops I replied to (mega bumped) old thread

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#49 Edited by Supermanwithatan01 (10293 posts) - - Show Bio

Ignoring the anime characters

1) Insane Genis Vell stops at 20 or 22 idk about 21

2) Doctor Doom with prep definitely stops at 20 (non jobbing) or 22

3) Pre-Flashpoint Wally West doesn’t have too much trouble until 18 but he stops at 18 for sure

4) Wolverine stops at Aquaman

5) Ghost Rider (Zarathos) stops at Odin or if he can get past him, Galactus.

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#50 Posted by PyroFN (6385 posts) - - Show Bio

Okay. My favorite character in all media and especially comics is Jean Grey. So, let’s see:

•Regular: Possibly stops at Thanos.

•Green Phoenix: Stops at Spectre at best, stops at Thanos at her worst. At her best, she should be capable of all that Rachel is capable of, who did best Galactus. Still, Green Phoenix did have psychic circuit breakers to cut off her cosmic power, so it’s juet as likely that she’d lose to Thanos.

•Dark Phoenix: Stops at Spectre. While Dark Phoenix can do all that Spectre could technically, Jean’s humanity is Phoenix main weakness, a weakness Spectre could just as easily exploit as Xavier could.

•White Phoenix of the Crown: Stops at Lucifer. Don’t know who is being referred to here, which probably means I won’t know their feats.

Lets go with my favorite video game character, Princess Peach.

Princess Peach: Stops at Maybe Danny Phantom.

Shadow Queen: Stops at Wonder Woman is a stalemate, possibly. If she were to happen to get past Diana, I’d say she stops at Thanos.

Let’s go with Pikachu next.

Anime: Stops at Danny Phantom.

Super Smash Bros: Stops at Doomsday or Ben 10. (Based on scaling via gameplay, Without it, Pikachu is much lower)

Pokken: Stops at Aquaman.

This was fun.