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Who would win? All canon feats and weapons/abilities/powerups were usually used by them allowed for both of them.

The fight is in an empty new York city

starts 50 meters apart.

random encounter.

in character.

the win by OHKO,Kill and Incap

Bonus round: They team up to defeat your favorite comic character in a two vs one fight.

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Piccolo beats Oghren

And they lose to doctor strange.

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Ash vs Red. Red stomps.

Ash and Red vs Galactus. Could go either way

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Kakashi vs Ratchet and Clank......via scaling Ratchet is a relativistic chronomancer. So if he catches him in a time bubble its all she wrote.

They should be able to beat Quasar soundly.

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Gon Freecss vs Joel & Ellie

Yeah.. Mismatch.

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Raiden vs Guts :/

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Kaneki vs Dante - Dante wrecks.

Kaneki and Dante vs Jackie Estacado - Depends on the version of Jackie.

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Touma Kamijou Vs Adam Jensen: Adam wins.

Touma & Adam Vs Deadpool: If Touma could negate Deadpool's healing factor without getting shot, Adam Jensen will take Wade.

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Kishou Arima VS Booker DeWitt? Arima eviscerates him.

As for the bonus round, seeing as my favorite comic character is either Moon Knight or Spider-Man, Arima could probably solo.

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ichigo vs Dante....i think dante takes him out.

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Scorpion vs Kurama, Kurama stomps.

He also eats Deathstroke

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Itachi (Naruto) vs. Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil)

Itachi blinks........

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Trafalgar Law vs The Dragonborn.

Law given the speed gap alone, Auriel’s bow is MTFL but the speed the Dragonborn knocking it isn’t, he gets sectioned before his hand moves an inch.

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Spike loses to Kain, both lose to Dream of The Endless

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Homura stomps Lulu, lol.

Ghost Rider takes Lulu out too, but it seems like a stalemate with him vs Homura...

Unless it's Devil Homura, she takes GR out.

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Battler could anihilate Gerald and the Witcher verse . . . but he most probably would ask Gerald to teach him how to pick up ladies.

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Nuku Nuku against Cheryl Mason

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Archer Emiya verus Dante, I think Dante would take this one but I could see arguments being made for Archer.

Archer & Dante vs. 13034 Hyperion. Hyperion would slaughter this team his stats are too far beyond theirs.

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Hit vs Donkey Kong: Hit.

Hit and Donkey Kong vs Hulk: Hit solos.

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Vegito vs Shadow the hedgehog

Shadow wins with chaos emeralds

Vegito and Shadow vs Venom not a fair fight at all

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Alucard probably loses to Archer in a good fight.

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Alucard probably loses to Archer in a good fight.

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It would be Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII) vs. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail).

The result would probably be a draw, since both of them are very powerful (~ galaxy tier & FTL )

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Nagato beats OoT Link. Thanos destroys both.

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Uraraka (My hero Academia) vs Princess Peach- Princess Peach probably wins. Greater stats and more experience.

Uraraka and Princess Peach vs Jean Grey- Either way, Jean stomps, with or without Phoenix.

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light yagami vs Botw Link? erm............

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I... don't think I actually have a favorite VG character O. o

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Dart and Kongol from LotD take on Ainz Ooal Gown....Ainz wins.

Them vs Mr. Majestic....going with Ainz again....lol.

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@gokluma: yeah. Alucard hard to pin down how exactly powerful he is. He beats dracula who has a lot of has but a lot of people have done that and most of it 8s for gameplay purposes

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Prophet would lose to my indecisive choice for favorite Naruto character. Then Wally comes in and slaps them silly

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Jiraiya vs NOTHİNG. Jiraiya stomps.

Jiraiya vs Galactus...


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Hisoka vs Geralt

Hisoka godstomps.

But could they fodder Aquaman? With ease lol.

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Whitebeard vs Nathan Drake vs Two Face

Whitebeard win....

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Does OC counts? If so composite chosen undead from Dark Souls. I'm completely into DS atm.

If it must be specific character then Tommy Vercetti or Max Payne.

Doesn't really matter since Vegeta solos all of them.

For bonus it's probably Batman and he either gets stomped or stomp if given an attosecond of prep time.

It's really hard to choose characters in those threads, I feel like I have around 5 favourites in each of those categories and I only change them depending on the mood :/

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@gaoron: it's counts if was used in a game

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Vash the Stampede vs Geralt: I think Vash's speed and tech edge greatly outmatch Geralt's magic edge.

They take on Swamp Thing in the bonus, and probably have no way of winning.

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