Your Avatar runs a tough gauntlet

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  • in character for fighters in the gauntlet
  • in character or bloodlust for your avatar
  • Random Encounter
  • Standard gear
  • your avatar gets fully healed by senzu beans and a hug from lady goku after each fight


  • Begin 50 meters apart
  • Unpopulated by MCU thanos snap
  • The battles take place here:
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  1. A Goomba
  2. A Walking Dead Zombie
  3. An Average Goblin(Goblin slayer)
  4. Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, and Leatherface(Movie versions)
  5. Kylo Ren,3 Stormtroopers and Rey(Star wars last Jedi)
  6. Batman,Red Hood,Nightwing and Batgirl(DC's post-crisis)
  7. Spiderwoman(Peter Parker's clone) from ultimate marvel and Ruby Rose(Current RWBY volumes)
  8. U.S.J Noumu(MHA's manga/anime)
  9. Mewtwo(Pokemon's anime) and Tai's Greymon(Digimon)
  10. Six Paths Madara(Naruto),Blackbeard(One Piece),Dio Brando(Jojo part 3) and Aizen(Bleach)
  11. Unworthy Thor,Iron Man (Black & Gold), Carol Danvers, She-Hulk and Thing(earth 616)
  12. Superman and Wonder woman (New 52)

Bonus. Superman from the new 52 got help from the rest of the rebirth's justice league.

How far does your avatar aka profile picture make it?

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Stops at 4 or 5.

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I doubt he could even pass 1.

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Doom clears.

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I am Batman


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Clears I think

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Ichibē stops at ten or eleven.

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3 or 4 depending on gear

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stops 9 if considered 616 spider man

stops 1 autistic spider

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Nah, I clear with ease. Superman? More like, Superchump

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Clears with super ease. Actually clears all of them at once.

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Not too familiar with many people on this list, but I would say Psylocke makes it to 10-11 and stops there. Her TP is what will get her through most of the matches.

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Lol, finally good gauntlet. Stops at 5 or 6. I think she can deal with these horror characters. In the movies, dummy teens beat them.

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Stops at 10

Lots of haxs and magic

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Wang Lin gives them all a cold glare and they all die.

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10 or 11

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50/50 at 12.

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Somewhere around 7 I guess.

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I think a lot of people are underestimating Mewtwo and would stop there. Mewtwo should be ranked higher on the list. Unless Mewtwo is jobbing I lose to him even if bloodlusted. I mean it is possible I could do to him what I did to Gravitron, I just don't see it in reality. The amount of environmental damage and quaking I do is just insane given the city is unpopulated. I really won't need to give two shits about collateral. Some of these rounds would be over so quickly it's not even funny xD

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Jelly Jiggler solos until Aquaman helps Supes. Water ruins his regeneration

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Stops at 3 or 4. But you cannot kill Kohaku if she has already killed HERSELF! GG.

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I'm gonna guess Issei stops at 9 or 10.

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Mirio would make it up to 7 me thinks, as I don't think he can deal with Ruby's hypersonic combat speeds.

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12 if in character, clears if bloodlusted

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Jean stops at 10 or 11

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@x-zombie: opm sucks

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Stops at 6. Artorias is already bloodlusted.

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definitely stops at 11/12 but i know nothing about Dio :/

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Clears and stomps.

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@token1300: Is there is any OPM Fanboy who raped you bitch? LOL

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Stop at 10 probably.

Definitely at 11 and 12.

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Stops at 4

Well we all know what happened to her

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Hibari stops at 9 or 10.

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Stops at 4

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Mine stop at 8 or 9, unless she get lucky and manage to blitz them ohko, but 10 is impossible for her.

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Clears easily

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Gauntlet out of order. Is Greymon allowed all his also Black Greymon or just normal? If Black, he and Mewtwo should be above all.

Also, now Mewtwo and Greymon should be above 10. Thor should be above New52 Supes.

And my Avatar stops at 9, beat 10 and stops 11/12.

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7, if he's bloodlusted his speed and one shot potential with core leeches will allow him to take down bats quickly who would be the only real competition. The people in 7 are way too fast for him to use his aspects though.