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    • You in character
    • Mr.X from resident evil 2's remake is still in character and try to stalk you like did with Leon & Claire..
    • Standard Equipment aka anything you find in your home or buy any item from stores.
    • You get an hour of prep and still allow to call for help.
    • Fight an OHKO,Incap,Capture and kill
    • Battle takes place on the outside of your home and starts 30 meters away from each other.
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He kills me

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He tosses me around like a ragdoll

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I send him to space.

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Since I know he is coming, I go into my cellar, grab my .45 and end myself, before he arrives to turn me into paste. Of course only if he decides to stalk me like he stalked Leon & Claire.

If he stalks me like he stalked Jill though, I am fine because he would probably go to the wrong house considering that he never stalked Jill

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I´ll troll him

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hey that's not me!

i have a katana

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@rac95: What would you do if did stalk you like did with Leon & Claire.

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@gokluma: That is the situation where I would blow my brains out, because I don't want to be turned into paste

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@rac95: Oh alright i understand.