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Title says all. Can you beat a Wendigo?

Wendigos from Until Dawn

Round 1:

You with a Blunt Weapon of your choice.

You with a Knife of your choice.

10 minutes of preparation.

Round 2:

You with armor of your chocie.

You with firearm of your choice.

Equipped with a Torch.

Round 3

Can call upon a friend.

You with armor of your chocie.

You with two firearms of your choice.

Equipped with a Torch.

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How strong are Wendigos? I only made it up to when the antenna station falls.

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Im dead.

Im pretty crap at holding down the button to keep still.

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For a sec I thought of Marvels Wendigo lol.

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I get slaughtered no matter what

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I thought this was gonna be a supernatural wendigo..

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R1: I ignore the weapons and use the prep time to get into an ambush spot. The moment it comes at me I quake it apart.

R2 & 3: I quake it instantly.

First 10 seconds of this video will prove that I kill the Wendigo like the joke of the week.

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I thought it was only weak to fire?

@smoothsanta Strong enough to crush human skulls with ease.

Nobody is beating this.

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Round 1: Wendigo food.

Round 2: Assuming I get the basic augmentations necessary to wear the armour, I choose the GEN 2 Mark VI variant Mjolnir armour. With that, the augmentations and firearms, I win in a decent fight.

If I don't get the augmentations I'd need to wear the armour, there's nothing short of Iron Man armour that I can think that would help me win.

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ends in sex.

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I die in every scenario 99% of the time

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i will crush them and make them beg for mercy but only after everything they love is destroyed then i will allow them to die

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Everyone died. They can tear off people's heads and throw a body dozens of meters. On topic, it ends in sex.

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Scroll through and thought it said Mandingo...teehee.

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I'm a chump at fighting, so I'd probably die in this scenario.