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#51 Posted by Gokluma (8605 posts) - - Show Bio

Dogs will kill us all.

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#52 Posted by Sawed_Off_It (13266 posts) - - Show Bio

If my 5 year old niece was in danger, I'd think I would try to be rather brutal in my confrontation. I Love dogs as much as anyone but a scenario like this would call for desperate measures. I may get taken out in the process since it's three of them.

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#53 Posted by BreakOfDawn (2038 posts) - - Show Bio

@gokluma: Amateur. Don’t you know half of the people on Comicvine can bend steel, react to a gunshot and are Batman level in skill? Of course they don’t die.

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#54 Posted by Spiders13 (432 posts) - - Show Bio

I need and raised rotts. I win. It takes not a whole lot to stop a dog.

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#56 Posted by Rustlingjimmy (1127 posts) - - Show Bio

For the average person 3 dogs would be too much to handle.

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#57 Edited by deactivated-5c830d4e319e6 (4952 posts) - - Show Bio

You have to be very lucky to win this. You have to tag a dog with the taser gun, while they a running towards you and land a good hit on another one with the wrench before you get tackled to the ground.

Maybe 1 out of 100 times, I can win with luck & environmental advantage

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Nolan Batman couldn't do it... so I doubt I could.

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#60 Posted by BreakOfDawn (2038 posts) - - Show Bio

@gokluma: Their debating powers will give them the strength they need.

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#61 Posted by thedemonlord (231 posts) - - Show Bio

Just hand the tazer to your niece and kill a couple dogs with some heavy swings. Of course the 3rd dog would jump you, so you'll be relying on a 5 year old hitting the dog and not you lol.

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#62 Posted by Paytience (4901 posts) - - Show Bio

I once got attacked by two pitbulls and a rottweiler and it ended in 3 swift kicks.

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#64 Posted by Amendment50 (15425 posts) - - Show Bio

insert nolan batman joke here

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#65 Posted by ElderElijah190 (2035 posts) - - Show Bio

Sneak up on them while they're attacking my niece and use the taser on one of them and when u see the rest coming, pretend to be dead and fall down to the flour. They're going to come up to your position and start sniffing and all which gives you the opportunity to make use of the wrench one one of them with all the strength you can muster. The last dog would lightly step back in shock before planning a next attack. Now by that time it steps back in shock for few seconds after seen how brutally injured it's partner in crime is before attacking afresh,you can make use of the taser on it as well thereby soloing considering it would have being Reloaded by then.

And yes, pretending to have pass out on the flour when you sight a giant Dogg barking and approaching you ferociously with the intent to kill actually calms it down when it gets to you, I've tried this.

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#67 Posted by kingcrossX (52 posts) - - Show Bio

Na , dogs win here

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Pretty sure they rippe me to pieces and my poor niece

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#69 Posted by ANTHP2000 (26953 posts) - - Show Bio

Nolan Batman lost to 2, and I cannot fight 3 LoS attacking all at once whilst at a massive reach disadvantage, stomping them and only getting tagged once.

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#70 Edited by deactivated-5c0b19c56d708 (624 posts) - - Show Bio

if a user say they stomp: "hahaha, look @ this internet warrior over here, acting like a tough guy behind a keyboard"

if a user say they get stomped: "what a weakass, couldn't handle 3 dogs lmfao"

so I'll refrain from commenting wheter/not I'll win, just thought I'd point that out

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#71 Posted by deactivated-5c0a9cb75f8ee (28 posts) - - Show Bio

Not sure about me

But Nolan Batman dies

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#72 Posted by RampageTheFirst (7567 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll get stomped, everyone on this website is going to get stomped.

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#73 Posted by LeoTheGreatest (4589 posts) - - Show Bio

I don’t like my chances.

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#74 Posted by Helloman (29800 posts) - - Show Bio

I lose.

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#75 Posted by RikuYamaha (1480 posts) - - Show Bio

well i do have a taser which would scare some of them if i shock one. but thatll be useless after one shot so wrench it is. and worst case cernerios, i can use my arms and legs to fight by myself to kill or severely injure them. but one good bite on my neck and im a gonner

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#76 Posted by Cergic (1152 posts) - - Show Bio

@thepurifier: i think your reply is very representative regarding the post content. For some obscure reason people think everyone here is fully handicapped and utterly devoid of capabilities.

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#77 Posted by StrongerThanRin (397 posts) - - Show Bio

they rip my throat off

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#79 Edited by Man_of_Miracles (3551 posts) - - Show Bio

@cergic: That really has nothing to do with it. People here think they are superhuman battle machines. The reality is most people, even with fight training would shit their pants if they were bitten by a dog with the intent to kill.

There are three dogs in this scenario and all it takes is one mistake for them to get at your throat which is a one shot no matter who you are. Not to mention most if not all people would be out of the fight after multiple bad bites. This isn't a movie, the ability to fight through a large amount of pain is a rare trait.

Additionally the OP states that these dogs are vicious which means thag they won't get scared or run away when presented with a physical challenge. They aren't going to stop until you are dead or they are.

The likelihood of success in a scenario like this is maybe 2/10 if you get lucky.

Most people on here don't understand that when you read about people escaping animal attacks alive it is typically because the animal get bored or realizes the person isn't food. This is not the case for this scenario.