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These sisters grew up as sparring partners, but who would win in a current rematch?

Young Justice versions of both

Current, standard gear for both

Fight takes place in a forest at twilight. Starting distance is 50 feet

Both are in character. Victory by ko

Who wins?

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I'd honestly back Cheshire, still.

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I'd honestly back Cheshire, still.

As of now, I'd probably agree, though it'd be extremely close and I could see arguments for it being 50/50 or Artemis winning too.

I'm pretty sure cqc is still gonna be more of Cheshire's forte (though much closer now that Artemis is more experienced and an adult). But Tigress seems to be carrying a combination of her trick arrows and her new gear from her time as evil Tigress, which could give her a lot of options to work with.

Their "fight" in S2 didn't give us much to work with considering the context, but Deathstroke seemed to think Tigress could take Cheshire, and he should be at least basically familiar with their capabilities-hardly anything strong to work with, but at least it helps the notion that they should be pretty comparable now

I would love a rematch in S3

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Yeah... still Cheshire

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Cheshire is more impressive overall. She is agile enough to close the distance, especially with plenty of trees for cover, and has the means to put artemis down.

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Artemis hasn’t done anything impressive yet this season.

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Is YJ season 3 now? When? Where?

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Unless Artemis got any new and better feats, Cheshire is still her superior.

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@tourneymaster: The first three episodes are out in america on DC universe.

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I'd honestly say that they are equal at this point from I have seen. Although, I'd lean slightly towards Cheshire due to mindset and her being more willing to kill and use lethal force than Artemis

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it's a draw based on a guess