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The Hirogen has been tracking his prey for six months, he knows how it behaves, how it fights, but something's off. The behavior's been erratic. He's not sure when his prey began to notice his actions, but he must act before it does. He will launch his attack tonight, in the jungle, where the prey resides...


  • The Hirogen, as stated, has six months of prep time
  • The Yautja has had two months in which he was attempting to study the Hirogen without being noticed, and may have modified his actions accordingly to deceive the Hirogen
  • This is a Hunter class predator, outfitted with the best gear possible.
  • The Hirogen has two others to assist him if he feels that his prey is too much for him, but he needs to be able to call them in
  • This is a single, prolonged battle. These are both hunters, they will poke and prod at each other, try to force the other into a position advantageous of them. Keep in mind a battle like this could potentially drag on for days if both parties are capable of it. It is unlikely to simply be resolved with a single blow unless you have a confident reason why.


Earth Jungle

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Hirogen for hunting species 8472