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#51 Posted by Tetsukage (2038 posts) - - Show Bio

@faradaysloth: I guess he is relativistic, that's still pretty broad spectrum though.

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#52 Posted by JOVIOLMA (5611 posts) - - Show Bio

Mah boy Ichigo kills him effortless.

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#53 Posted by GXrevs06 (4430 posts) - - Show Bio

Yami stomps. He's way too fast and has precog

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#54 Posted by ProgrammerSeth (73 posts) - - Show Bio

BC top tiers are operating at near and above light speed. Ichigo gets blitzed

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#55 Posted by FaradaySloth (8567 posts) - - Show Bio

@programmerseth: Just because Yami is faster doesn't mean he will win, he can't damage Ichigo, all Ichigo has to do is wait until Yami isn't blitzing to just one-shot him.