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there is bloodlust.  Who wins?  No prep time.

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What is the Wreckers power level ?

Is it when he alone has the power awarded to him by Karnilla or when he shared it with the Wrecking crew ?

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I think the Wrecker is powerful enough to take this, but he sure isn't smarter. The Wrecker can go hand-to-hand, power-wise, with Thor.

And I assume if there's bloodlust, that means that Samson can't talk to Wrecker and mess with his mind?

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Doc Samson has punched out the Hulk. You can argue he knows his fighting style etc etc but thats definately requires alot of power. I mean didn't wrecker get knocked out by Luke Cage in his last appearance in New Avengers?

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Only after Cage stole his crowbar, which is the source of his power, and only after Wrecker was distracted by Spider-Woman's pheromones.  And that certainly wasn't "bloodlusted".

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Doc samson wins this. He'd obviously stronger in this he's better then wrecker.

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Although Samson is stronger at 70 tonnes vs the Wreckers (at fukll power) 40 tonnes, the Wrecker is a fantastic fighter with his Wrecking Bar. He has stood toe to toe with Thor.
With that Wrecking Bar, the Wrcker does a lot more damage than his fists alone. How much more damage would a normal person do swinging a steel crowbar than hitting with their hand. The same applies for the Wrecker (and his bar is virtually indestructible).

I would say that their levels of durability and endurance are fairly similar. I think that the Wrecker is at least as good a hand to hand fighter as Samson (and maybe a little better) as he has been fighting (and learning) a lot longer. I mentioned it in another thread that samson knows the Hulk';s fighting style and that does provide some advantages.

Samson is more intelligent but that is not the same as battle smarts. Samson can also leap (approx 900 ft) and that could priovide some tactical advantage 9movement round a battle field)

Overall I would think that it would be a close, but I would say the Wrecker 9on his showings at full power) might pull off the win.

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Wrecker nearly killed Colossus with a single hit before.the reason he keeps getting wrecked is because marvel made him the oficial punching bag

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Doc Samson I think would take it. He is smarter than the Wrecker and is at at least the same strength level.

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I think Doc Sampson can handle Wrecker