Would MCU Hela Team-Bust The AoU Avengers?

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Poll: Would MCU Hela Team-Bust The AoU Avengers? (31 votes)

yes, she team-busts 74%
nope, they beat her 26%

Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver & Vision count as Avengers here

does Hela team-bust or could the Avengers pull it off? random encounter

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#2 Posted by CaptainSweatpan (3123 posts) - - Show Bio

Wanda would be the only problem via her tp in AOU

And maybe Vision with his phasing

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You would like to think so haha

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Yeah. same result if Thanos came earlier

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#5 Posted by The_Agent_Of_Chaos (1588 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes she solos

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No, not even close.

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Yeah. She stomped Thor with absolute ease so I’d imagine the rest of the team would be easy for her.

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Scarlet Witch is the only problem.

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She would. Vision might give her some trouble if he fights smart though.

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She would in a good fight.

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Hela is a fraud and would get beat by AOU Thor alone. Cry.

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She would win pretty easily

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She healed instantly after being stabbed multiple times without slowing down and was up in a few mins after Thor’s largest lightning blast ever. There’s literally nothing this team could do to put her down and she casually one shots a majority of this team.

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Shed teambust AoU versions current Wanda might be too much

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Pretty easily IMO.

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Yeah, she kinda stomps.

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Only hope is non jobbing Wanda and phasing Vision

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There's nothing that anyone on the team could do to even phase her.

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#20 Posted by WordWarrior (1665 posts) - - Show Bio

She'd easily stomp

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Yes she would.

The only factors here are Thor, Hulk, Scarlet Witch and Vision.

Witch gets one shotted, Thor gets stomped the same way and Vision too gets ragdolled. Hulk too gets toyed with.

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She one shots literally every single one of them apart from the Hulk. Then she beats him as well within 10 seconds.

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She has the capacity to beat them without a doubt mostly due to her being hard to kill but if its win by KO the Avengers have a chance

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AoU vision beats her, later on he became a fodder