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Prime is wearing his armor.

Random encounter.

Morals off.

Who would win and why?

I think this would be a good thread for @theacidskull and @logy5000 to debate.

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Ooooh I can imagine the angry fan wars here.

Anyway, with morals off, Prime takes this easily.

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I'd go with Superboy prime, the speed and the durability he packs is just too much for the hulks.

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SBP ftw

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SBP easily.

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Jesus guys, I like Prime too but 3 Hulks? The odds seem pretty even.

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Nope, SBP wins easily.

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The real question is who is going to clean up all the hulk blood and body-parts?

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I don't know who Cosmic Hulk is but the other two get roflstomped.

Edit: Also that SBP pic sux.

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hulks get curb stomped !

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This is quite the surprise