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Morals off

1 hour prep

Location - Vice City , They start 300 feet apart

Standard Gear, Who wins and why?

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I know a Darth Vader o.o

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Wonder Woman has no answer for worm holes, not sure if she can kill him before he can do it, and then kill his spirit somehow.........if not, Palp wins

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morals off shed be really fast yeah?

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ww speed blitz

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LOL at WW speedblitzing. How is WW speedblitzing somebody who strikes (and strikes only, reaction would be faster) at near-relativistic speeds and moves faster than somebody who dodges lightning bolts can even see?

Palpatine wins. Even if Diana kills his physical form (which would mean getting past his telepathy, Force Storms, speed & saber strikes, Lightning etc.), she has no answer for his spirit.

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Wormholes or not she has faced cosmic evil on a far greater scale.

The issue where Ted Kord dies and she killed Maxwell Lord. She went after Mongul with intent to murder but Mongul ran away while Supes and Bats restrained her.

So WW. Palpatine needs more prep and possibly some backup.

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Diana's lasso can probably rope up Palp's spirit ----- Re: the time she tied up Darkseid when he was just a disembodied spirit possessing the Earth's population ------- but I don't think it'll get that far. Sidious wins.

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Darth Sidious