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Wonder Woman does not deserve such cruelty on the part of the topic author.

Darkseid is killing her, unfortunately

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@yamiyodare: you can't prove that, post crisis wonder woman can beat post crisis Jobberseid

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@leonardsnart: He also survived Doomsday's spikes which were sharp enough to cut Superman's skin with ease during Hunter/Prey if it's piercing feats that are needed. Granted he was majorly wounded but considering Doomsday is far above Diana, that's

Diana hasn't reacted to the Omega Beams when they were moving at the speeds they were against the Flashes. You can't claim Wonder Woman can react to those Omega Beams because Barry and Wally are objectively faster than Diana by feats, showings and statements. Citing the Zoom instance only weakens your argument's credibility since Zoom was jobbing against Diana. He blitzed her with ease along with Superman in Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1 so that invalidates your example.

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