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Wonder Woman :

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Rules :

  • Post-Crisis and onwards feats for Diana.(No Witching Hour Feats or Amps).
  • Earth-616 feats for Marvel characters.
  • Pure H2H fights , neither Diana or anyone in the Gauntlet can use any weapons or other abilities.
  • She gets healed and properly rested after each rounds.
  • People in the Gauntlet are High tiers or above.
  • Takes place in a Indestructible Gladiator Arena.
  • Win by Death or KO.

Gauntlet :

  1. Hyperion(Earth-13034).
  2. Jane Foster.
  3. Hercules.
  4. Red Hulk.
  5. Worthy Thor.
  6. Beta Ray Bill.
  7. World War Hulk.
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Stops at Beta Ray.

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She still speed blitzes all these fools

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I think Jane fosTHOR is too low here...

OT: could have trouble with a non jobbing thor... Regardless, Green Scar smashes her brains out.

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Stops at 5-6.

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Could probably stop at Hercules but I'd say she stops at Thor

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Hyperion beats her.

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@allstarsuperman: It's strictly H2H , with no other abilities , including speed.

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Stops at 2

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Stop at 3.

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Jane should be above Hercc it Red hulk s she would destroy them. Worthy Thor should be above Bill also but meh moot.

H2H I can see Diana beating anyone here except Thor or WWH, possibly Bill. Even then skills wise she's better and would give them hell.

Second thought without weapons I see a chance a moderate chance she can. Actually clear here.

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Foster should be higher, and could arguably stop her. Other than that, 5/6 stops her.

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Wanted to say 4 since Ross has military training but then I remembered he has literally no feats.

5 or 6.

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2 seems about right. But she is too low down on this list. She must at least be Herc level.

Also I think Hyperion is too low. He can easily go toe to toe a mindless Hulk, hold apart 2 planets and even catch a planet moving at incredible speeds. He may be able to lay into WW on his own actually.

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Stops at 4.

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I thought Jane was sky father level? Assuming that’s hype I’ll go with 6, if she passes hard stop at 7

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Stops at Thor.

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Gets oneshot by Thor.

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Stops at 6-7

^Thor does not one shot her, he wouldn’t even touch her due to being as slow AF

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I doubt that Diana can KO WW-Hulk in a battle of fisticuffs... this probably stops at WW-Hulk, with him KO'ing Diana.

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h2h she probably only stops at wwh

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Stops at 1, she's more of a mid tier.

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5-6 stop her.

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Stops at 7, but she might clears.

People saying she stops before even Red Hulk lmao

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She stops at 5 or 6.

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5 or 6

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Ohh h2h ...


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If she isn't allowed her massive combat speed advantage she could stop at Herc but gets dead stopped at Beta Ray.

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Stops at Beta Ray.