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Wonder Woman and Ultraman :

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  • Ultraman.
  • Wonder Woman.(With all gear except sword.

Jane and Gladiator :

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  • Jane Foster (With Mjolnir).
  • Gladiator (Fully Confident).

Rules :

  • New-52 and onwards feats for DC team and Earth-616 for Marvel.
  • Takes place on an indestructible Planet.
  • Starts 100 meters apart.
  • Morals are on , but no holding back.
  • Win by Death or KO.
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DC Stomp

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Ultra Man solos.

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DC team.

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DC here Diana is = at least to Jane would be Epic. But gladiator is slightly less then Ultra so good fight but DC wins here

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Ultraman solos if we assume he's equal to Superman.