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Wolverine and Daken, definitely the worst father son relationship

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Ultimate Wolverine and Jimmy surely had it easy on the basis they never meet and never screwed each other's life

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But, in a fight for survival where either they win as a team or die as such, who would win? Logan and his bastard son, or ultimate Logan and his unknown bastard son?


  1. They must work together leaving feelings aside, so no backstabbing
  2. If one dies, the team loses, and thus the other dies
  3. The logans only know what's easy to guess from first look, they're an alternate version of each other
  4. Daken has his muramasa claws
  5. Team 616 has 2 katanas, 1 for each member because... Do I need to explain why? Is wolverine and his son we're talking about.
  6. In character, victory by any possible mean
  7. Scenario is Battle world's 616-1610 NY amalgamated city, simulated in cerebro
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Team 1 in overkill.

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@god_spawn: Jimmy is half-Poison right now, so it isn’t as cut and dry. Has Wolvie ever fought something similar to a Poison. We know Daken was getting stomped in X-Men: Blue when he took on Jimmy.

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Currently Jimmy beats Daken, as seen when they fought recently. I'm not sure if he is enough to win it for his team though.

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Team 1 stomps.

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Logan and Daken.

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Did Daken have a special blade when he fought Jimmy or was it a normal sword? I can't remember.

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Team 1 616 Logan is the mvp