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Logan with his heightened senses, adamantium bones and claws. A healing factor that can bring him back from death and regrow organs VS Midnighter, who can predict your moves before you make them. He can turn his pain receptors on and off so he can keep fighting when the pain would stop a normal man. The pain is not totally cut off though, so his healing factor is also very helpful. He's fought with, and healed from, a broken neck, broken limbs, holes through his chest, having his whole body set on fire. His fibre-lined muscles increase his strength enabling him to dismember opponents with his bare hands and feet, generally eschewing the use of firearms. Midnighter's body has been altered to give him inhuman balance as well as faster nerve endings so he can react quicker than any human and many superhumans. Midnighter can move faster than the human (and even superhuman) eye in a quick speed burst. (thanks wiki for a full breakdown).

Take a seat, we could be here a while.

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We've had this discussion before, check the recap thread or actually do a forum search in future...

Buckshot already explained this to you when you first created this thread about 6 or 7 hours ago


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I understand you're having a problem posting in the correct forum, but this battle has been done already anyway. Use the search function.