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Poll: WoC&daemons/Elves/Skaven vs Lizardmen/Dwarfs/O&G (2 votes)

WoC&daemons/Elves/Skaven easily wins 0%
WoC&daemons/Elves/Skaven barely wins 0%
Lizardmen/Dwarfs/O&G barely wins 50%
Lizardmen/Dwarfs/O&G easily wins 0%
Could go either way/stalemate 50%

Team 1 - Warriors of Chaos/Daemons of Chaos, Elves ( united ), and Skaven

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Team 2 - Lizardmen, Dwarfs, Orcs and Goblins

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  • No in fighting; all sides have agreed to work together the best they can in order to defeat the other. If that means grimgor is told these daemons think they're better than him, then so be it and so on. ( skaven being skaven can always backstab themselves and others but nothing huge, just really low end )
  • All factions are at their height of power ( elves are united and both wood elves, dark elves, high elves are fused together but given a mixture of all their forces )
  • All lore allowed; End Times versions for all characters and leaders unless they're not alive during the end times then height of power.
  • No outside interference.
  • Both sides have 1 month of prep
  • Win by closing the tear/destroying the other.
  • No Gods allowed. ( they can't directly interfere )

Landscape - All three factions have had their kingdoms, population, forts, etc. transported to both of these landscapes. Daemons get a warp rift ( massive ) at the top of Naggaroth.

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While the Skaven are the weaklink, the strongest here is prolly the chaos daemons due to their unlimited numbers so to speak. That and the Elves are actually a very solid force here considering ure adding in both the wood elf and dark elf factions into the high elven faction and that's a pretty deadly combo.

However, dwarfs and lizardmen have the weapons to deal with it and the greenskins give the numbers and cushion to absorb most of team 1's forces.