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  • Fight takes place in streets of NYC
  • Both bloodlusted
  • 25 feet apart
  • Spiderman is in his Iron Spider Armor
  • Bucky has his vibranium arm that has implicated Klaue's sonic cannon and standard gear
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Spider-Man still. The sonic cannon might surprise him like the gun used by the ATM robbers in Homecoming, but I think the Iron Spider Armor makes this an easy win for Penis Parker.

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Peter wins with the Iron Spider. Geared up Bucky will give him trouble though.


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If Spider-Man has bulletproof armor all over his body it's kind of over. Bucky's only shot is gone.

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Spider man

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My boi Spidey got this, nothing can get to him while his Spidey senses are tingling.

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he beat him and falcon at the same time? how is this going to be different?

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Peter has already had almost no difficulty with Bucky.

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Lol Mismatch

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Are people putting the X at the bottom of all their posts to troll X Zone?


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@termination: To be fair, a mildly serious cap was flooring Peter. A brainwashed Bucky with no morals has a shot at beating Peter if he isn't paying attention.

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Peter. Bucky is outclassed here

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Spidey wins