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Can Will catch Dexter Morgan?

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Yes, he can. But Dexter can tamper with stuff, and get away..

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I say Dexter wins on account of being a way better show. I tried to get into Hannibal but the show always felt like it was trying to be more clever than it actually was. Plus Will's whole empathetic deal felt like a borderline superpower that was written in so they could solve shit.

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I want to say Graham given his feats but we saw he has trouble reading people who aren't psychopaths. Dexter while he is a psychopath is different from the norm as was pointed out by Vogel. Even after studying them for a life time she had trouble reading Dexter. This may throw Graham off the scent.

Leaning towards Will though.

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Probably Will.

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Oh, it turns out the other one is a duplicate.

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