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Dr. Doom 
Princess Lucinda 
Princess Azula 

Lucinda on the throne
Lucinda on the throne

Queen Storm 
Emma Frost (White Queen) 
X-Treme X-Men
X-Treme X-Men

Emma by Terry Dodson
Emma by Terry Dodson
Place: New York Central Park. - Crowded with tourist and the like
Time: Morning 
Advantages: Both Teams have info on the other.  
Teams can Choose 1 hour of Prep 
Blood Lust is engaged 
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Team Good has power on their side for sure.  

  • Namor can handle doom as long as Namor keeps his head straight. 
  • Storm is a better flyer than Azula and has  ways to put out her far. 
  • Lucinda and Emma are the best fight as long as Emma dosen't go Diamond. 

Team Wicked has stragey and scheming on thees

  • Doom can hold Namor  at bay and hold off Emma's psi assault.
  • Azula can dry out Namor
  • Lucinda and Emma is a stalemate they have a lot in common and may just make smippy comments at each other.

What changes the fight from Goods Favor is the place. 
Emma and Storm would not want to hurt the tourist and the like. 
Namor may or may not care. 
Wicked Team would use the Humans as weapons. 
In fact doom may have issues with just how wicked Azula and Lucinda can be. 
which says a lot about those two. 
But Lucinda would just turn every  human she sees into flying monsters (under her control) and Azula would just blow through the humans in her wake (Creating psi backlash for Emma). 
This turns three on three into three on a few dozen.  
Making Wicked the winner.