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They say that admantium is indestructible and it cuts through anything.They also say that a lightsaber is made of pure energy and it also cuts through anything.So who would win in a swordfight,the guy with the admantium sword or the guy with the lightsaber?

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Since the guy with lightsaber is probably a Jedi, I pick them.

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I think this is the third battle like this but it's ok because you're new.

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lightsabers cant cut through adamantium so it depends on the two swordsmen. if the lightsaber guy is a jedi, then he wins.

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it would depend on the jedi/swordsman (aww man out comes the nerd in me) because in Knights of the Old Republic, if you ask the question about sith having lightsabers,Trask Ulgo says that they have vibroblades that can hold out against anything, even a lightsaber. So if vibroblades are made from a similar material all as adamantium, they would have an equal chance of winning w/ an adamantium blade as if they used a lightsaber.

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i forgot about that.ahh i remember Knights of the Old Republic.good times,good times.i think it depends on the holder of the weapon like cosmic sentinel and apparition said.i like your description chameleone

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Adamantium PROBABLY stops it yeah but thats all. Jedi wins against any other human swordsman,

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im going to assume this scenario is kinda like deadliest warrior : two regular humans wielding an adamantium sword and one with a lightsaber. depends on the better swordsman but the lightsaber is not gonna slice through the adamantium sword.