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Poll: Who can Stop Killmonger and Wakanda Army with their Vibranium advance tech? (35 votes)

Ironman 0%
Vision 11%
Doctor Strange 40%
Ant-Man 0%
President Trump build an Impenetrable Wall, he solos 29%
Mr. Putin solos 6%
Kim Jong Un solos 14%

In this scenario from (The Black Panther Movie) Killmonger has managed to defeat Black Panther and his Royal Wakanda Family. Next, he targets to rule the whole world for that he started the war.

Who can stop them from MCU Earth n the Real World?

Erik and his army gets 2 days to prep.

He initiated attacks on Washington, D.C , Moskow and Pyongyang.

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#1 Posted by shirso (3247 posts) - - Show Bio

Vision with his phasing might be able to do something.

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#2 Posted by Worldofthunder (4925 posts) - - Show Bio

Putin stomps, Dr Strange can do it and probably Kim Jong Un as well.

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#3 Posted by KingOfWakanda (2127 posts) - - Show Bio

Only Vision and Dr. Strange would be able to do anything. The real world options get stomped by superior tech.

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All of the characters in the OP would beat them. Erik had no army.

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#5 Posted by JSDoctor (1290 posts) - - Show Bio

Vision due to phasing, Strange due to Time Gem, and maybe Ant-Man could shrink inside the vibranium suits, though I doubt it. Real-world options lose due to better tech unless willing to use nukes (and you technically aren't allowed to use real world people/places on the CV battle forums.)

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#6 Posted by plotweapon16255 (6474 posts) - - Show Bio

  • Ironman solos
  • Vision solos
  • Doctor Strange solos
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"Killmonger, I've come to barga-actually, f**k you and everything you stand for you have to die."

Make mine Strange (of having the highest likelihood).

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#8 Posted by comicvinepoozer1 (6233 posts) - - Show Bio

That one Facebook lady that said she’d destroy isis

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#9 Posted by deltahuman (4776 posts) - - Show Bio

Putin's country buster nuke solos.

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#10 Posted by Arrsenal (354 posts) - - Show Bio

Wakanda army was pretty lame tbh. Soldiers who used vibranum tech and weapons were beaten by Jabari tribe who don't use tech or vibranium at all

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#11 Posted by RampageTheFirst (5645 posts) - - Show Bio


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#12 Posted by flashback0180 (4491 posts) - - Show Bio

Kim has the chew force , he solos anyone

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#13 Posted by FirestormFate1919 (6043 posts) - - Show Bio

From this list, Dr Strange, Trump, and Putin solo.

Dr Strange still has access to the Time Gem, making him basically the most dangerous individual on earth in the MCU, plus he's got allies in the other Kamar Taj Wizards. They're gonna wreck havok on the Wakandan Army just by Strange freezing them in time, and the other wizards using the Sling Rings to displace key tech/leaders. Trump and Putin have armies that are gonna absolutely curbstomp the Wakandan Army we saw, infinitely more soldiers with more effective weapons (as cool as that tech was, it's not gonna be as effective as conventional arms in combat). The Wakandan EMP's are gonna be the biggest issue, but even then, the sheer numbers and military recources are highly disproportionate here.

Iron Man and Vision are gonna struggle with Wakanda's tech, specifically their EMP's and knowledge of AI Tech. Ant-Man could be highly dangerous in combination with other heroes, but on his own is gonna be badly overwhelmed. Kim could quite possibly beat Wakanda, but I'll give the Wakandans the benefit of the doubt here. NK's armies are malnourished and poorly trained, it wouldn't take much to catalyze revolts.

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#14 Posted by Amonfire1776 (2627 posts) - - Show Bio

We don't what other sort of weapons Wakanda has...they likely have plans in place in case of a massive war...on topic...it is clear when they said...the world is catching up...they meant Iron Man...

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#15 Edited by Emanresu_20 (2131 posts) - - Show Bio

We honestly didn’t see enough of the Wakanda Army but keep in mind a standard footsoldoer weapon From Wakanda are powerful enough to destroy a tank.

Also To y isn’t soloing the entire nation. He would have enough problems with Killmonger alone.

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#16 Posted by Emperorb777 (10587 posts) - - Show Bio

Wakanda is pretty featless as an army.