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MCU Yondu has his fin & arrow. is there anyone that could kill 100 fodder soliders faster than him?

-Infinity Gauntlet Hax is excluded (no finger snap for Thanos)

-Bombs/Nukes are excluded

-Live-action comic characters only

-they have to do it in the same location Yondu did in GotG2

-beings like Dormammu & the Nameless Celestial are excluded

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No actual input here, but I thought I'd just say this scene was awesome.

This scene was awesome.

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Bloodlusted DCEU Dead Shot

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Maybe thor if they are in open field, he can AOE them and then lightning spam

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Post-Crisis composite wally west.

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a lot of people. Actually it would take Yondu a while to kill a 100 people. I dont think he even killed this many during his revenge on his crew scene, and the scene is several minutes long. I could think of a ton of characters who kill faster.

Anyone who uses explosives or other AoE for example. War Machine killed well over 100 outsiders by just dropping a few bombs at them in 5 seconds. Yondu's arrow is not even as fast as a bullet and it kills only one person at the time. I can think of many ways to kill more effectively.

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Yoyo woth splinter bombs.


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Any character with superhuman speed, wide AoE (provided his enemies aren't too scattered), and self guided projectiles likes Yondu had.

For the sake of this thread, I'll say most depictions of Quicksilver.

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@standardized: Oops, I meant to keep this to live-action comic characters

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MCU Thor with Stormbreaker

FOX Jean Grey

FOX Magneto

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@cryomodeste: Thor wouldn't be able to kill 100 people as fast as yondu, in a setting like yondu's. They're all spread out. Maybe if it was like a wakanda scene where fodder is running toward him en masse, but I highly doubt that he could throw his stormbreaker and hit as many spread out guys as fast as yondu

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DCEU Doomsday by this attack

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since it's like his AOE energy attack

but i'm going with Fox's Quicksilver to speedblitz all of them in slow motion

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Yeah it would be fun to see if FOX QS could do it.

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Stephanie Brown (New Earth), she is a comic character and comics >>>>> live-action

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Melinda May with the Angeljax/The Magister force.

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DCEU Superman

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If he has a plan of attack Origins Deadpool via porting and optic blasts, Superman via heat vision and turning 360°, Dr. Manhattan by not being excluded but he will be once OP sees this, DP2 Domino by existing, Fox Quicksilver by being quick, Wong with 10 sling rings while casually taking a leg-numbing dump...not gonna lie, Hela's pretty quick too but prob too linear to tag them all at once.

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Melinda May with the Angeljax/The Magister force.


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Kingoflat force Daredevil.

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Lots of characters could probably do this from live action:

  • Flash (Bloodlusted)
  • Quicksilver (both of them potentially)
  • Magnetol
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Thor
  • Iron Man
  • Rocket Raccoon (That attack at the end of GOTG2 would do it easily)

The list goes on but you get my point.

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Storm with tornadoes or a simply tsunami 😘

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Fox QS. War Machine. Iron Man. Superman. Potentially Thor

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Phoenix Jean can snap all their necks in an instant or shut down all their minds in an instant

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Ebony Maw



Punisher 2099








Wonder Woman





Silver Surfer



etc etc

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@comicgirl21: what? Youndu's arrow is not faster than a bullet? I really think you should see the movie again... It was well above mach 4 maybe mach 5 in GOTG2.

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Quicksilver, Surtur,Thor, Superman, Doomsday, Hela, Flash, War Machine and maybe Iron Man. There are some others that probably can too.

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Superman, Flash, Doomsday, Steppenwolf, Batman with 50. Cals, Thor, Faora, Quicksilver, War Machine

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Bloodlusted Non-Jobbing CW Flash, DCEU Superman / Doomsday, DCEU Deadshot. MCU Iron Man. DCEU Wonder Woman. DCEU Flash. MCU Quicksilver, FOX Quicksilver. Probably a few more.

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Speedsters and AoE abusers are the obvious choices, but excluding them I would say DCEU Enchantress/Incubus, Fox Magneto, Nightcrawler, Prof. X (Jean Grey as well) should be able to replicate or exceed the results of Yondu's feat.

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Wesley Gibson from Wanted.

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CW Zoom could do it if his base speed for the entre 100 was this-

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Fox Quicksilver

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Arkham batman was already beating 100 fodders in like 3 minutes by knocking them out.If he killed them he would probably do it in less time.

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numerous people could, but it depends on the circumstances and environment.

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Anyone with huge AOE attacks - Thor, Jean Grey, Magneto, etc.

Any speedsters - Quicksilver (both), Flash (both), etc.

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The only one who was implied of really doing it in the CBM is Charles Xavier in Logan...

Just saying...

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Oh please! This is easy! I just sit there and shake my ass as the whole ship just quakes apart. And don't give me that "but you'll die in in space" bullshit. If Thor and Princess Leia can do it, then so can I.