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Pre 52, Worthy Thor

Battle on an Indestructible Planet


Win by Death

Which of these magical heavy hitters can give the man of steel a better fight?

Order them as well

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Black Adam from the bunch.

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Black Adam > Shazam > Thor > BRB

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Thor or bill

But I would say bill because he is more ruthless

Comeing from a Thor fan .....

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Black Adam

Thor = Bill > Black Adam > Captain Marvel

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Thor >= Bill > Black Adam > Shazam.

Either Bill or Black Adam.

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Black Adam> Shazam> Thor>=Beta Ray Bill. I put Teth above Billy because it is stated by Superman himself that he hits harder than Shazam, doesn't hold back, and is more in tune with his abilities.

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Thor or bill

Black adam > Thor >/= Bill > shazam

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He has a harder time with killer intent

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Black Adam or Thor

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thor god of thunder

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Black Adam, his combat speed matched with the fact he knows that Superman can't handle magic we'll can give him an edge. I would've put Thor over him but I feel like Thor's warriors madness might get him killed in the end, it's a reckless maneuver that will only yield results if he can overpower his enemy