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@Cypher0120: Fine with that, given how I mentioned how a another Divine Spirit like Amaterasu is the embodiment of the Sun.

Titan Altera/Sefar also approached Amaterasu’s power level at her maximum size and power too

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@chaosknight75: BB has no planetary feats; Moon Cell BB is in control of the Moon Cell's beyond multiversal reality and only lost to someone with feats of casually destroying said reality and overpowering the Moon Cell itself.

She blew up a planet before actually attacking you, the attack itself had nothing to do with a planet, not to mention the planet is a reality itself.

You fail to understand that by drawing power from the Earth Mother Goddess, they would logically draw power from Akasha as well, since the Earth Mother Goddess is implied to draw power from the Root, and they of course draw power from the root/human origin as well. Regardless, I was just mentioning this to prove Akasha's level of power (along with some links and scans I can send if needed) since you said she is featless.

It is very likely that the Moon Cell has some slight knowledge on Akasha, as she was on Earth briefly in Kara no Kyoukai's timeline.

Considering CCC consistently stomps Fate timelines power wise, yes, CCC Tiamat would logically be far above her Fate/GO self.

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@zgtfreak: Still regurgitating the same stuff. BB has squat for feats. Her Authority is her biggest obstacle with fighting her and it only comes from Tiamat and it only works on things that come from Earth. She never actually did anything Universe level and simply destroying the real Earth is a huge task. Universe in Nasu has so many interpretations to how it’s used as I already posted before.

Reality Marbles in Gaia, mere pocket dimensions, doesn’t make it any better either. Unless Kaguya from Naruto is also Multiversal by this logic.

Neither did Gil destroy anything whose Ea is featless.

I just explained how it has nothing to do with Akasha quite clearly and you give an assumption to try to say otherwise. Deny it as much as you want but Akasha isn’t even exist mentioned in Extra.

Tiamat should be no more stronger than Amaterasu and since you’re too slow to follow all this, everything mentioned about Amaterasu desribes her supposedly Multiversal Moon Cell version according to you despite being featless

Kiara’s Planet level NP scales quite nicely to Amaterasu and other Divine Spirits, all things considered

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@Cypher0120: You can't use Fate/GO and normal timelines to scale CCC, as their lore and levels of power are far too different. Base BB alone solos GO.

Feats for multiversal CCC characters is in my TLDR at the top of page 2.

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@chaosknight75: Base BB's universal statement has been backed up by Gilgamesh and Hakuno, get over it.

Moon Cell BB having control over the Moon Cell's entire reality isn't a feat I guess, nor is Gilgamesh destroying said reality. Just stop...

I give a decent possibility that you ignore.

Being the same lore and ability wise doesn't mean CCC and Fate/GO's Amaterasu has the same level of power, especially considering CCC already stomps GO in power.

Gaia has a reality marble of unknown size to my knowledge, nothing about a pocket dimension.

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@zgtfreak: BB with Moon Cell can’t even straight up destroy the Earth. Gil needs Ea just to beat Planet level threats. No one in Extra has even busted a star. Get over it

You give me a bullsht possibility. I give you a fact that it has nothing to do with Akasha who again, isn’t even bloody mentioned in Extra at any point.

There’s no trace of Akasha within human or a Servant's Saint Graph. So when Rani mentioned something that is there, inherent to all human beings, its not something that has something to do with Akasha. And the Origin part of the dialogue when Robin gave Hakuno the data wasn't referring to The Root (Akasha) but the root of human civilization. Fact.

Meanwhile, you can’t even back up that possibility. Since again, it’s never even mentioned if the Moon Cell observed and got any data on Akasha at all

F/GO Amaterasu isn’t even a thing. Get this for the third time from me now. Embodiment of the Sun, one of the few beings in existence that can maybe challenge the Umbral Star, planetary threats like Altera being able to approach in power, etc.

All that is referring to Moon Cell Amaterasu. LMAO

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And WTF are we even trying to argue using Akasha anyway? Another featless entity that’s more of a place than a being and barely ever mentioned at that.

And Shiki Ryougi whose is literally the Avatar of it, would struggle against most Servants even at her full power according to Nasu

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@chaosknight75: Gilgamesh never used Enuma Elish on a planet level threat, he busted a reality marble on a multiversal scale.

BB's universe claim is acknowledged by nigh-omniscient Gilgamesh.

Individuals with a Path to the Root

If this is true, drawing power from her would in turn mean they get power from the Root, since Tiamat does.

Amaterasu is mentioned in GO, and I was saying not to use anything related to her GO self power wise to scale CCC; for example, saying "this GO character is this strong, meaning their CCC counterpart is also this strong." Also Ik some of these statements are from Extra.

Embodiment of the sun doesn't indicate power when CCC feats heavily show otherwise. If she was star level then she'd simply get fodderized by Mystic Code Servants and BB. Also before you use "Only Arcueid can beat Amaterasu" statement, no. That statement wasn't even referring to Archetype Earth, and there are beings equal and above Arcueid, so no.

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@chaosknight75: Nasu's actual MULTIPLE work and in-lore statements he writes>one single unexplained interview statement. I debunked this earlier too, yet you clearly didn't read it.


He also made Akasha state her capabilities for a reason, and Akasha doesn't care for anything, meaning it isn't egotistical boasting/bluffing.

So according to Nasu, he repeatedly shows that Akasha is above all in his own works.


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#110 Edited by ChaosKnight75 (1029 posts) - - Show Bio

@zgtfreak: And I just showed what that root is referring to.

Once more. Gilgamesh is featless for DC feats. His Enuma Elish never destroyed anything.

Universe claim that’s never backed up by someone who can’t even destroy the Earth easily and Gil also needing Ea to finish off a planetary opponent like Kiara. I’ll go over this with you as many times as you like. It only shows you got nothing

You do realize Tiamat regardless of how you try to interpret it, is only a planetary threat too by her own feats right? And that almighty power BB uses from it is limited to only working on those that come from Earth right?

Your in such denial between saying it’s related to Akasha when they clearly say the root is something completely unrelated and assuming a Tiamat that never even appears is somehow greater than her F/GO self AND Moon Cell Amaterasu all just cuz.

It’s funny at this point the kind of mental gymnastics you go through just to hold your argument together at this point.

Perhaps because Servants even with Mythic Formal Wear struggled to Kiara and B.B. got owned by Kiara? So maybe their not these Universal powerhouses you keep trying to pass them off as?

Besides Embodiment of the Sun, she could only maybe defeat the Umbral Star and Titan Altera whose best feat is scorching the Earth could approach her level at full power. Yeah, totally Multiversal *sarcasm*

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@zgtfreak: Sure you could argue Akasha being the be all end all buts it’s still featless and hardly touched upon, that scan you posted being one of the few things out there about it.

Regardless, same can’t be said for Akasha’s Avatar though, also according to Nasu

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@chaosknight75: Tiamat possibly drawing power from the Root (capital R) is on Akasha's page too on the wiki.

I flat out sent you him destroying the reality marble when he plants Ea in the ground.

The fact I have proven my claims, while you simply say "no" with no reason as to why shows you have nothing. You've been on the defensive this whole time and when debunked, you either leave your debunked argument and create another, or you just deny the facts and keep repeating yourself.

Her GO feats that don't scale to Extra? Yeah.

You debunk nothing and continue rambling.

>Has been saying since the beginning that Kiara semi absorbed a half dead base BB


>States why Kiara is multiversal and debunks planet level NP

>Lul planetary just cuz lul

>Explains how Extella isn't in the same set of timelines as Extra and CCC due to different lore, story, power levels, motives, events, endings, ect

>Ignores and continues to use Extella to scale CCC

>Explains why Nasu recton/contradicts his one unexplained interview of Servants>Akasha with his multiple in-lore statements, as Nasu in his works has clearly stated Akasha is god and is above all. Along with Akasha's avatar stating she can rewrite and destroy the Nasuverse at will.

>Akasha avatar is low Servant level

I didn't know Servants can destroy the entire Nasuverse and reshape it (what Akasha's avatar can do). Nothing even states a difference between Akasha and her avatar; Akasha being effected power wise by using an avatar is also illogical since she is god.

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@zgtfreak: Wiki page from you vs what’s actually stated in the game which is the root of humanity. Your argument is irrelevant.

Man, your getting desperate now. Gil plants Ea on the ground. It swirls with prana. Big blast hits the target. And nothing is destroyed for either the attack animation or story.

No. I’ve more than backed up my claims while yours are a crock of shit. So all you can do now is repeat them over and over, hoping for things to change if you do it enough.

Funny because all the points you bring up for Multiversal Kiara are summed up as: a flat out lie about Akasha anything being involved when it was never actually mentioned and everything else you use ironically putting Kiara comfortably at where I have her. At Planet level. Feats and scaling speak for themselves.

You use Extella too. Oh wait, the rule is only Extella when it helps you right? When it exposes bullshit, it doesn’t count right? XD

Takes place after Fate/Extra events as it’s sequel and in the same Moon Cell as Extra. Only thing saying otherwise is you headcanon XD. So whatever goes with Amaterasu in Extella goes with her in general given she does jack in Extra CCC anyway.

The scan you posted is about Akasha and nothing else. Not Shiki Ryougi who would struggle against Servants even at her full power. So again, stop lying. Now with what the info you posted yourself says

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@chaosknight75: I am saying it could be both roots, not just Akasha's, which isn't contradicting the game. Overall this specific part of the argument doesn't even have to do much with Gil's power, just stating a possibility that people in CCC draw power from her.

> Gilgamesh plants Ea in the ground

> Moon Cell is shown to shatter

> They appear in outer space afterwards

> Gilgamesh proceeds to use Enuma Elish

You literally either deny my debunks with no evidence to support your claims, or you abandon ship (forfeit the argument) and create another argument.

Kiara is multiversal due to having control of the Moon Cell, not because of Akasha.

I proved why Extra and Extella's Moon Cell effect the real world, just to show you every version of the Moon Cell can effect reality. I don't say "This Extella character is this strong, thus their CCC counterpart is just as strong!"

The endings of CCC and motives of the Moon Cell make Extella impossible to happen.

Oh yeah, Nasu even stated that he had a different version of Extra that was a prequel to Extella (Extella does not fit into the original Extra timeline at all just in the way things fit alone). https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/188034-fate-extella-the-umbral-star/74558479

Within Shiki dwells a third personality, named 「 」, or alternatively Void Shiki. Void Shiki is connected directly to Akasha (also known as the Root or the Spiral of Origin), the metaphysical origin of all existence. While Shiki can see the death of everything, Void Shiki can do so much more.

Despite such powers, or likely because of them, Void Shiki has no motivation or desires to do anything, and is fine lying dormant while Shiki Ryougi lives her life.

^ Akasha's avatar.

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@zgtfreak: And I’m telling you it’s unrelated to Akasha as clearly stated.

Nothing of the Moon Cell environment being destroyed either in game or story.

LOL 😂 at the background as an argument. For one, didn’t know space was a blood-red cloudy sky. Two, wanna argue the background getting destroyed? Why is nothing destroyed afterward?

Compare that to Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 or Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and 3 where destruction from Ultimate attacks are actually shown and the environment destroyed accordingly afterwards. Another point for DBZ, 0 for Fate.

This is where the problem of your argument lies. You have nothing concrete so you just keep making shit up, expecting me to buy it. You rely on the ignorance of other people on this series to confuse your lying as facts.

Nope. Kiara is merely Planet level by feats with the Moon Cell. Her NP, her ultimate attack, just affects the planet. No one has even busted a Star in the series for a feat, and B.B. admits it’d take time to destroy just the Earth. Your own characters you compare her too are Planet-Star level themselves

Good thing Extella takes place after Extra, not CCC. That Prequel didn’t go through, since it’s its outright stated this game takes place after Extra so it’s irrelevant

Cool descriptions for Void Shiki but again, Nasu has also said she’d struggle against the average Servant. Since she has nothing to go by beyond these descriptions, she’s just one big unknown.

Nevermind since again, neither Shiki nor Akasha have any relevance in Extra.

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@chaosknight75: Whatever. Saying no isn't gonna get you anywhere.

You must literally have trouble seeing. :\

I already stated that the core is more than able to restore the reality marble. Also Ea busting reality marbles is one of its canon functions.

Going by feats only (since by your logic, only feats matter), DBS is mountain level and supersonic speed tier.

You literally stated you never played the game, and have only recently looked up random info that you take out of context to try and debate me. Your argument goes in circles.

A planet being destroyed before the actual attack =/= planet level attack. BB and Gilgamesh's feats and statements show otherwise.

Nasu's actual work he confirms via his lore>Nasu's interview statements>official website statement. Extella cannot and is not a direct sequel.

You know who wrote Akasha's avatar to say those lines? Nasu. You know what else Nasu wrote? Akasha not caring for anything, meaning it isn't egotistical boasting. You know what else Nasu said? Akasha being the god of the verse. You know the difference between all of these things Nasu stated and wrote compared to his Akasha=low Servant level? The fact that his Servant statement is a random statement with no reason as to why in a random interview years ago; meanwhile all of his other Akasha statements/writings put her above everyone else in lore and is tied to how the Nasuverse works. Nasu's multiple writings and statements that are in the story itself with context>>>>>his one single interview statement with no context that he himself rectons in his own story.

Stop with DBZ>Nasuverse; DBZ doesn't solo every verse out there. If we play your asinine feats only game, then DBZ/DBS has lower feats than FSN, let alone CCC.

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@zgtfreak: Yup. And only main timeline Gil has busted a Reality Marble in Fate/Zero. CCC Gil literally never has either with the attack or in-story.

Wrong again. Going by feats, DBZ has everything between casual planet busting, star destroying by a groggy, Universal fist clashes between SSG Goku and Beerus wiping out countless planets and stars, Gods of Destruction being able to destroy the universe that’s backed up by weaker characters, and finally Zeno wiping out universes himself.

Speedwise, characters are flat out stated to move at light speed or faster, casually cross interstellar distances in seconds and perhaps one of the best feats was Champa and Vado reaching the Kai Realm at the edge of Universe 7 in moments.

A lot more concrete feats than your pet series. Don’t bring it down to nonsense because of it

Meanwhile, you try to pass off Multiversal anything in a series with Planet-Star level God tiers and a single universal claim.

We better use that planet to go by the explosion at the end of the attack that takes place in that empty space where the planet used to be. There’s nothing to go by other than the planet being taken out since everything else in space is still there.

Except Extella is regarded as an official sequel to Extra regardless of what your headcanon tells you.

Get it through this time. I’ve no problem with Akasha being the strongest entity in the Type Moon franchise. It doesn’t apply to Ryougi Shiki, it’s mere Avatar, and you saying otherwise goes against what Nasu has also said before about Shiki Ryougi. Thus it’s a big unknown what Ryougi can do, but apparently most Servants have a solid shot at beating her. When and if she actually shows some feats, than we can decide which statements are more legit.

And again, all unrelated to Extra

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@chaosknight75: You clearly must have seeing problems.

One last time... https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/typemoon/images/1/11/EACCC.gif/revision/latest?cb=20150831154656

>He plants Ea in the ground

>Reality marble shatters

>Appears in space

>Fires Enuma Elish

Nasu's un-contradicting statement that is backed up by his own lore/story that actually patches plotholes = my headcanon. Ok.

I never saw a universe destroyed by Beerus or Goku, only Zeno, nor have I seen MFTL+ on-screen; feats please. See what happens when we play the stupid feats only game? Feats are not the only thing to confirm power.

CCC god-tiers aren't planet level, you're thinking of normal Fate once again.

Destroying a planet in a random animation that isn't involved with the actual attack =/= caps out at planet level. If Kiara was planet level (she isn't), it doesn't matter, as she got beat by the heavily fatigued Mystic Code Servants and stomped by Gil; no one scales to her.

Nasu wrote Akasha's avatar powers, so Nasu HIMSELF flat out disproves his own interview claim in his own work.

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@zgtfreak: Just copying and pasting your fan fiction I see

Gil plants Ea, all that’s shown is red Prana releasing that fills the area around him, big Enuma Elish, and nothing happens.

Again, didn’t know outter space was a red cloudy sky.

Once more. Ea never destroyed anything in its attack nor story. Done making shit up yet?

Dyspo stated to surpass the speed of light, Beerus already far outside the planet he blew up in the pilot episode mid-explosion, Champa and Vados crossing to the edge of Universe 7 in an instant, etc. I could go on with feats clearly not just supersonic.

Feats are when they have nothing else to go by. All you’ve been doing is laughable exaggeration and speculation.

Nope, their about Planet-Star level at best and I’ve more than backed up why.

Nothing else but the planet destroyed with the attack ending as an empty view of space where the planet was = Planet level at best Noble Phantasm attack from Kiara.

Anything else?

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#120 Edited by Wrathofthebrad (859 posts) - - Show Bio

@zgtfreak said:

@jobbers CCC Gilgamesh isn't even needed to blink composite Arturia out of existence; he bodied her in FSN and Zero, and CCC Gilgamesh is two dimensions above her Avalon, meaning she is defenseless against him.

Gilgamesh just bodied two extremely gimped version of Arturia and has nothing above Avalon whatsoever, with which Arturia anyways bodied him in FSN.

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#121 Edited by ChaosKnight75 (1029 posts) - - Show Bio

Cool about Akasha. Once more though, unrelated to Extra and Shiki is the one who is a Wall-level scrub that could only fight a defensive battle against Servants

Everything posted about her just being a boast, all of which never even demonstrated

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#122 Edited by zgtfreak (1894 posts) - - Show Bio

@chaosknight75: Maybe your bad eyesight doesn't allow you to properly see small GIFs, so here's an actual video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QdkYux0Egs

Didn't know fiction has to follow what actual IRL space looks like, despite us not even remotely knowing all of space IRL.

Champa and Vados have a travel speed feat, not combat. Dyspo stated to be MFTL? Feats please. FYI, Ik they are MFTL, but using your awful feats only logic makes them not. MFTL is also fodder to omnipresence (BB) and people on that level (Gilgamesh). So not only does DBS get one shotted, but they get blitzed to the highest degree too.

Um, no, you never backed up why they are planet or star level; you got debunked on why and keep dancing in circles repeating the same thing.

>Appears in blue space and planet bust

>Appears in red space (a different location) and uses an attack.

Boast when she cares for nothing; already debunked. You just keep spinning in circles.

@wrathofthebrad Arturia beat an arrogant FSN Gil. CCC Gil has infinitely higher feats than her and has fought beings in higher dimensions above her Avalon, meaning she has no defense against him

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#123 Posted by ChaosKnight75 (1029 posts) - - Show Bio

@zgtfreak: It’s not space. Just a cool background for the attack with no relevance to the plot. In your goal to wank the hell out of your pet series, your making up nonsense with nothing to back it up.

Travel and combat are the same thing. Both involve movement. When Dyspo breaks the speed of light, his combat tends to involve immediately traveling right up to his opponent too.

Brough up plenty of points and unlike your fanfiction, their all facts.

Oh no, she made a claim she never demonstrated because she doesn’t care. I’ve been totally debunked alright.

BB still can’t even planet bust though. LOL

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@chaosknight75: > Ea is known to bust reality marbles

> Exactly what it did

"Cool background" is your illogical headcanon.

Traveling from point A to B via flight = / = fighting, punching, defending, reacting in a fight. Regardless, MFTL+ is fodder to omnipresent and beyond time beings.

> Says "No, you're wrong."

> Calls it facts

Yeah, you have.

Your "Moon Cell feats don't matter because they are in a virtual world" has gotten old. Moon Cell BB busted the higher dimensional Far Side of Angelica Cage via CCC; nothing even remotely implies she can't planet bust.

Are you gonna keep going in circles or are you done yet?

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@zgtfreak: No context to back up your claim and ironically, you even base it off Gil’s one time feat with busting Rider’s Reality Marble in F/Z too. Why is everything still there too if the Reality Marble itself was destroyed?

Now your restorting to damage-controlling DBZ which has feats you wish your pet series had. Guess those feats of Servants in Mythic Mystic Code that makes them MFTL are just travel speed too.

I didn’t even need to repeat myself anymore on this. Even some of your points you tried on me back me up on those between bringing up Amaterasu (featless and star level at best) or Tiamat (lied about Akasha, she’s a planetary threat).

But another point. Look up what Kiara SessNP even does. The description of it (that again I’m not going to post since some of that shit is NSFW)

Kiara’s NP is even called Anti-Planet. Multiversal nothing, you liar xD

Oh Muh Higher Dimensions your gonna hop onto again? Cuz you’ve got dick to say for feats of anyone busting anything beyond a planet?

Can mess with all the things in the Moon Cell she wants, B.B. still can’t mess with real Earth without years of prep. LOL

You should be asking yourself that.

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@chaosknight75: Gilgamesh starts to destroy Gaia's reality marble too. Have you even read the description of Ea? Inb4 looks up wiki description and pretends he knew all along.

>Ask why the Moon Cell is back after Ea earlier

>States that the core is more than capable of restoring it, as it has full control over its reality

>Ignores and proceeds to ask again

Damage controlling DBZ? I am using your feats only logic. We can wank DBZ to MFTL++++ multiverse level and they would still get blitzed and one shotted.

Mystic Code Servants move faster than time itself, feat for it? They kept pace with omnipresent BB who was flat out stated to be above time itself in higher dimensions, along with her being the Moon Cell itself/is everywhere.

Considering a random Far Side sector is a universe, busting Angelica Cage (possibly all of the Far Side) is at least multiversal. She might of busted the entire Moon Cell, which is a feat on Ea's level. When she uses CCC, the background and everything is erased with only a black background of nothingness remaining, that includes after the animation is finished. And to think that level of attack at most is only on the level of Ea's spinning blade and not Enuma Elish itself.

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@zgtfreak: More mental gymnastics to say Gil busted a Reality Marble he never actually did. And still being hypocritical enough to use F/Z feats to justify it. Thing is, busting a Reality Marble was actually a thing in that one

Seriously, nothing you say is backed up at all. It’s all reaching and speculation XD

Oh Noes bringing up more shit that makes no sense in context to make it sound impressive. Goku also outsped Time itself when he moved in Hits frozen time space and Jiren transcends time itself apparently.

Now look how many people outside fanboys take the above statements when actual speed of the verse is taken into account which is MFTL at best.

Just like Servants in Extra CCC being MFTL via traveling to other Nebula as the only actual speed feats

BB never busted a thing. Gave herself endless time to hack everything (not impressive, even Sephar can pull that off with brute strength alone) and made herself admin

Glad to see your ignoring just how “Multiversal” Kiara is with the Moon Cell.

And once more, it’d take centuries to destroy real Earth so her little virtual world feats mean nothing

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In fact, looking at the description for Moon Cell Kiara’s NP (that again is only a planetary feat in scale and Anti-Planet in its description), that stuff she does with the Earth is probably just a visual since her NP’s ability is to drive all living things on the planet mad with lust. Probably explains why there’s nothing actually destroyed afterward. Much like CCC Gil’s non-existant Reality Marble busting feat.

Damn, between that and BB not living up to her one threat, this series didn’t even get straight up Planet busting nailed. Only character that saves it is Amaterasu, a God Tier, being Star level.... maybe

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@chaosknight75: > Gilgamesh flat out busting reality marbles every time he gets serious in every timeline

> Calls it mental gymnastics

Ea did exactly what it is meant to do before Enuma Elish, the mere spinning is stated and shown to devour space-time from its wind pressure alone.

> Goku and Jiren countered time manipulation hax

> Moon Cell BB exist in the past, present, and future, while also existing above time itself to the point she can look at it like a book; she even contacted base BB in the past to tell her of her victory soon to come

Which sound more impressive and legit to you?

"Now look how many people outside fanboys take the above statements."

If you're referring to Comicvine people to disprove my points, that's pretty sad. Most people on Comicvine never played CCC and the ones that did don't fully understand it. Multiple people claim CCC Gilgamesh and BB are planet level or lower (people like you who know nothing about Extra), universal (Ecoblitz and Poeticwarrior I believe), multiversal, and beyond multiversal (me, Swagpack, and TheEpicLegendsOfTheFuture). So even with your logic, there are multiple people that acknowledge CCC's power (although to varying degrees), and these are only counting the people that I've seen, so you fail in this argument too.

> Wiped out at the very least Angelica Cage

> Says BB has no busting feats and brings up Extella nonsense

> Says CCC Kiara is multiversal due to having some control over the Moon Cell and debunks her NP

> Claims I am ignoring how she is multiversal and continues to say planet level while ignoring me

See the hypocrisy?

Never have seen her say it'd take centuries, and the fact that Hakuno changed Earth instantly. Also BB was not trying to literally blow up the planet, she was targeting humanity.

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#130 Posted by EcoBlitz (4902 posts) - - Show Bio

@zgtfreak: Oh no I believe CCC gil is much above universal. He stomped B.B. without even caring.

What I did I say to take Fgo TnM multiversal statement with a grain of salt. At least that one. Which event or time fracture did that happen? I’m at the one with Drake and Hector. Same arc has Orion Call Achellis omnipotent and invincible.

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@ecoblitz: Ah, my bad. I say Gilgamesh is beyond multiversal due to him busting up to four higher dimensional realms of infinite size and stomping 8D BB (in control of the Moon Cell). I think all of this meets beyond infinite multiversal standards. I was only using GO Tamamo to state main timeline characters (fodder to CCC) are still (possibly) multiversal. Regardless, CCC Gilgamesh carries my claims with his own feats.

As for where it happened, I only picked this up while looking up Extra related stuff. Idk where it happens.

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@zgtfreak: CCC Gil featless though

Goku and Jiren did exactly what I stated. Jiren’s description literally said word for word.

All that did was give BB awareness of the past present and future so that she could do shit like communicate with her past self

I’m surprised your still have the gull to talk shit about me not knowing anything in Extra when I know more things than you and pointed out shit you either didn’t know or lied about.

Only hypocrisy here is you using outside sources to back up your wanking yet having a fit every time I use Extella, which takes place in the same series, and only serves to provide more info on featless wonders in Extra CCC like Amaterasu that you hype up with interpretation because of their lack of actual feats.

Kiara isn’t Multiversal. Her NP literally says Anti-Planet. And vague as hell and likely a visual at that

Yup. And just wiping out humanity would take plenty of time for her. Wrecking the Earth was just me being generous

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@chaosknight75: CCC Gilgamesh has many feats; accept your loss.

Yet everyone can still see Jiren's movements, not to mention Dyspo's MFTL speed was hyped beyond anyone elses' speed.

Flat out stated to exist above time in higher dimensions.

You haven't corrected me on anything; I know Gilgamesh draws power from human origins and the Earth Mother Goddess, but the Earth Mother Goddess appears to draw her power from the Root possibly (Akasha's), which in turn means Gilgamesh would be receiving powers from Akasha since the Earth Mother Goddess may, which he draws power from, along with the root (human origin). This is only a possibility (but a pretty high one in my opinion). Regardless, I'm not even using this to argue Gilgamesh's power, I'm simply mentioning it.

Above time BB is thoroughly explained by Rin in-game.

Do you even remember how or why BB was going to wipe out humanity? I'll give you a guess...

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@zgtfreak: Feats that you make up? Sure he’s got plenty. Accept that your full of shit.

Nope. Dyspo is casually tossed aside by UI Goku who put way more effort in keeping up with Jiren holding back.

Once more root clearly refers to what’s inherent to all human beings, its not something that has something to do with Akasha. And the Origin part of the dialogue when Robin gave Hakuno the data wasn't referring to The Root (Akasha) but the root of human civilization. there's no trace of Akasha within human or a Servant's Saint Graph.

Here’s the quote vs the Wiki you get all your info off of.


"the goddess who gave birth to the Earth Mother goddesses who created the Earth is, in other words, the root of all creations within Earth."

So its not the Earth Mother Goddess is connected to The Root, but rather the origin of Earth and everything on it goes all the way back as Catalhoyuk as its root. And the trace of this is something that exist within all human beings just like Rani said. The quote itself is actually referring to BB's max output of Potnia Theron which result in everything of Earth Origin cannot oppose her.

So no, an Earth Mother Goddess isn't connected to The Root. But rather they're connected to Catalhoyuk which is the starting point of Earth and thus by extension, the starting point of human civilization. And Catalhoyuk is not The Root, nor she's connected to it.

What’s more, it really doesn’t prove much since again, the Avatar of Akasha is pretty much all bluffs and Wall-level scrub that can only fight defensively against Servants

So BBs amp comes from Planet level Divine Spirits basically

Above time-transcendent Jiren also confirmed. It really doesn’t mean much.

Creators in Gravity Rush 2 that I just also exist beyond time yet their piss weak as hell.

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I didn't know fate servants were multiversal...

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@azureus: They aren’t. All fabrication made up by this tryhard

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@chaosknight75: Ignoring feats doesn't make them non existent.

I already know about that, and none of it contradicts what I said. I was just mentioning a wiki statement for Akasha for a mere theory unrelated to CCC power levels.

> Says I get all my facts from the wiki despite only using one wiki statement for a theory unrelated to Gilgamesh's power

> LITERALLY gets all of his arguments from poorly interpreted wiki research, as he has stated that he has never played CCC and didn't deny not playing Extra either

Insane hypocrisy.

Nasu wrote Akasha's avatar to be able to destroy, rewrite, ect the Nasuverse at will. Ryougi herself is weak, not Void Shiki (literally Akasha). A character that cares for nothing and is blank doesn't bluff in a casual conversation for no reason. Nasu's multiple in-lore writings>one unexplained interview statement that he contradicts with his own story.

BB has the power and feats to back up everything.

BB gets power via fusing with the Moon Cell AND getting power/HAX from Divine Spirits, not to mention CCC Divine Spirit power levels are unknown.

@azureus They are beyond multiversal in CCC; this dude admitted to never playing it and relies on 2 second research arguments taken out of context.

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@zgtfreak: Not ignoring a feat of Gil when it doesn’t exist in the first place.

Everything for Shiki you posted was her bluffing without backing it up. I love how that flies by you while Nasu himself also says Shiki even at full power would only be able fight defensively against Servants. She’s featless as the Avatar which doesn’t help out either

Nope. All talk and her power transferring over from the moon to the Earth is just gradually destroying all life and technology on it. Moon Cell Kiara also only does the same thing with her as stated Anti-Planet only Noble Phantasm and Gil actually requires Ea to beat her.

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@chaosknight75: So you admit you have no more arguments left, good

Nasu's writings/in-lore statements>one unexplained interview statement that his story consistently contradicts multiple times.

You never answered by little quiz question, how did BB plan to eradicate humanity? I know you don't know, but humor me.

Caught in a lie I see... Kiara's NP is stated to be anti world, not anti planet.

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@zgtfreak: Can’t really argue what isn’t an argument to begin with. Gilgamesh literally never destroyed anything with Ea.

Shiki talking shit doesn’t equate statements from the author. That’s like saying Eren Yeager can destroy the world according to the author because he said so. And again, Void Shiki is featless, Wall level at best glass canon superhuman which proves my point further.

Same deal. The entire attack just mindf*cks all living things living on a single planet and that’s one of the best feats in the entire game.

It’d take B.B. days to wipe out humanity with the Moon Cell


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@chaosknight75: Literally in denial...

What Nasu writes on multiple occasions consistently>one inconsistent statement in a random interview.

Which has nothing to do with attack potency or trying to planet bust. You debunked yourself.

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Wow, watching this exchange.

Reminds me of the time when someone asked me to prove that Marvel's Multiverse was infinite, and that statements even from author do not prove a Multiverse is infinite and you need on panel drawn infinity to prove it.

Also reminds me of the time when I asked DI fans for evidence of Mega-Megaversal feats when there was none.

It's just semantic, stipulation, conditional shit again in debates made up.

I love battle debates. Don't you just love all the made up stipulations and conditions we make up just to take imaginary fictional characters that can only exist in theory, seriously? LOL

All this forum did was convince me not to be a writer.

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@sungsam: My brain is kinda spaced out right now, so I don't fully understand what you mean by this comment.

FYI I don't take fictional characters seriously, I just have a habit of correcting people.

A very bad habit.

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@zgtfreak: That was just one thing from Shiki monologing about herself when she was high as fuck.

Since she’s featless as the Void and a low level superhuman with some neat hax in feats otherwise, than Nasu’s other statement of Servants over her holds more weight.

You tell me. Both animation for Kiara’s NP itself and mechanics behind it are planetary. No more than that.

And it’s not even straight up planet destroying but just mind screwing everyone on Earth XD

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@chaosknight75: Because the omniscient goddess of the Nasuverse gets high asf and makes baseless bluffs in a casual conversation. At least you admit Akasha is the strongest, the only problem is you saying her avatar isn't, even though she can do the same things.

Sure they are, bud.

Mindscrewing =/= attack potency.

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@zgtfreak: When its explicitly planet scale, that’s the most it does.

I’ve made all points clear. And you’ve proven to be a pathological liar time and again that’ll literally say anything for this shit game to make it more impressive than it is. We’re done

Before I go. More Extra CCC bullshit being pointed out


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@chaosknight75: I'll say it once more, mindscrewing =/= attack potency. Considering they can effect the outside world while in an entirely different reality further speaks to their power.

If I just wanted to make a verse seem impressive, I'd just back a verse that is far above the Nasuverse.

Yes, you and your 2 second wiki research arguments are indeed done.

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@zgtfreak: You're losing this debate so bad now it's not even funny Goku curbs Gil face it.

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@thedeathstar: I literally see you go into Saint Seiya and Sailor Moon threads, call them speed of sound building level, say Goku stomps, then get ran out of the thread by everyone using facts to debunk you. Your opinion is beyond irrelevant.

FYI, Goku doesn't solo fiction.