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Meet on Apokolips after a day of prep. Bloodlusted. BFRs are allowed.

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White lantern Kyle no problem. Even if you included Metrons feats

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Batman became a god. Who wrote this shit

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Batman became a god. Who wrote this shit

It's just for the Darkseid War. It won't take. It's already overwhelming him and GL (who became the god of light and then gave it up) was on his way to deal with Batman's unknown plan. The only place he's a god is in the JL arc and the oneshot he had stemming from it.

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Bat-God infinitely transcends omnipotence itself.

Kyle gets blinked out of existence.

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let me get this right.

you made a batman prep battle on comicvine which was your first mistake.

then you chose a batman in god form where he knows everything.

this is literally OP asking for batgod rofl stomps answers GG