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Madara does have Hashimaru's cell, but is not in edo tensai, but he has the rinnagen

Whitebeard is in his prime ready to rek some crap up

Winner by K.O

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Madara Uchiha.

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there is no whitebeard at his prime because he hasn't even been shown in the manga

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Uhhh.... That's not a beard. That's a mustache.

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Madara stomps.

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WB Curbstomps living Madara. Loses against Godmode Madara.

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@makhai: white mustache doesn't sound as infamous as white beard though hahaha

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Whiteboard (im going off the old man) because:

1) Genjutsu doesn't work on those without chakra. Madara's greatest asset would become void and if he's unaware of this he will end up getting hit with a quake

2) Without the reanimation jutsu to protect and regenerate his body won't be able to survive the big moves like the meteor strike (even he admitted that the move was only useful because he could not die).

3) Without the unlimited chakra he'd either need to go all out from the start and how he doesn't run out or try to outlast Whitebeard which I can't see happening

4) Due to haki Whitebeards reactions are better than Madara's period. He's able to fight an admiral who can move at light speed in combat!

As for Susanno which will inevitably be brought up, there's no reason to say it's barriers would hold up to multiple quakes. A holding back Whitebeard devastated/destroyed an island, even if we take him as just island level his Susanno takes energy (like all ninjutsu abilities) and a finite amount of chakra will either force Madara to make it significantly smaller or he'll get it caved in.

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Prime Whiteboard is purely fanfic and hypothetical. Madara stomps

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Any answer about Prime WB would be an huge assumption IMO, Madara wins easily

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Whiteveard beats this Madara his dc is too much

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It’s massively in character for Madara to go H2H, if he does he would get turned into paste.

Quantifiably perfect sussano is too much for a hypothetical whitebeard, so it just depends on how long it takes Madara to whip it out.

It could go either way.

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Whitebeard one shot effortlessly

Old Whitebeard can stomp too

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i don't like these kinds of hypothetical battles cause it allows one to wank the hypothetical variable to hell. but on topic there is no prime wb cause we haven't seen him so alive Madara curb stomps

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Madara wins easily

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PS slash swings GG

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Maddy claps

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@zxc6 said:

Whitebeard one shot effortlessly

Old Whitebeard can stomp too