When it comes to speed is sentry faster than thor ?

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Anyone ?

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around the same level maybe little faster

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I would say he is but usually because of the kind character he represents its cooler to draw him just standing tanking things more often than reacting.

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There was a scan of Thor using superspeed(not travel speed) before. I think he has it but doesnt use it, even when he is getting blitzed.

I would say sentry is faster though.

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Yeah, he seems to have a better perception speed.

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In terms of combat and reaction, yes.

Travel speed goes to Thor.

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In terms of combat and reaction, yes.

Travel speed goes to Thor.

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Sentry is much, much faster then Thor.

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In travel speed? Probably not, but it’s not like it matters. Sentry generally has better combat or combat applicable speed feats compared to Thor but he’s not a speedster or anything. Thor has actually managed to land a strike on him faster than Sentry could, even though the latter had his punch already wound up while Thor was on the ground.

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Yes by far sentry is way faster than thor while thor can travel mftl its not actually him thats doing it its him throwing is hammer that fast which if you think about it that means thors striking speed is nuts

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Sentry has superior reaction showings and seems to utilize his speed more often. Thor should be faster in flight due to Mjolnir.

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Sentry might be a bit faster but Thor has reacted to him a number of times.

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