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Wesker gets his Desert Eagle and Combat Knife.

Elite Pred gets Combi Staff, Wrist Blades, Smart Disc, Helm, Cloak, Armor, Plasma Caster, and Net Gun.

Both start 100 feet apart and battle in a forest setting.

All Comic, Game, Manga, Novel, and Movie feats for the characters.

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Wesker curbstomps.

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Oh all feats? Predator definitely.

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Predator. Wesker does have speed; but Predator has superior technology, is stronger, more durable, and better skilled. At least if we include combat feats from some of the named predators who do things like fight Alien Queens and dance around Engineers (granted, I don't think a predator has defeated an Engineer).

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Wesker dies to a plasma bolt

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Wesker. He's the ultimate prey and if he knows that he's being hunted then he's got a huge advantage.

Predator has the camouflage but other than that I can't see him winning. If we count Oroborus Wesker then he's got ranged attacks that stem from himself and the strength to match blows with the Hunter.

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Wesker wrecks.

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Wesker, greatly superior Speed and comparable Strength and Durability.

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@floopay: Ahab stalemated the Jockey. In the sense they both would have died.

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Wesker low diffs.

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RE5 Chris Redfield is metahuman in strength by feats and Wesker has overpowered him, he is also fast enought to casually dodge bullets.

If we count in-game mechanics as well I remeber testingthe hydra shotgun and wesker dodged the pellets with ease, to have Wesker be more insane I remember using the NG+ character-specific unlockable weapon for Chris which was a gatling gun and I tested that and Wesker still reliably dodged those bullets.

The predator is gonna have to pull some tough strats to pull a win here.

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@brownzeus: by gameplay mechanics elite predators tank Sadar Missile Launchers in AvP games. Lets not use gameplay mechanics.

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