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@sladerulez: You mean the Glyphs that we have no clue on? You mean the mighty summon Glyphs that Pre-Volume 1 Weiss was contending with right?

Because Qrows Bodily functions were slowed due to being drunk and using his sword.

Sober Sword Qrow > Winter

I ask you.

Proof Winter is faster than a Serious Sober Qrow?

Proof Winter can contend in strength with a Serious Sober Qrow?

There's a reason he's Ozpins top agent.

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#52 Posted by sladerulez (10000 posts) - - Show Bio

@watcher5000: that is assumption. We do not know Winter's full potential, seeing how she was able to effortlessly create a small horde of Beowulf summons. When fighting against Qrow, she was careless and mainly evading until near the end, where she started to dominate.

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@chaos239: the fact that sober Qrow didn't do anything he can already do when drunk.

You keep saying that Qrow is faster. What scan makes Qrow faster when sober? What does he do that puts him above his drunken self?

All you've been doing is claiming that him being drunk stunts his skill, without even proving it.

And the glyphs have been shown to immobilize, enhance, block, and throw items. Explain to me how Qrow can break out of being immobilized like the Knight was when Weiss fought it.

The fact that Winter still has a ton under her sleeve, but Qrow has shown us pretty much all he can do. A serious Qrow was beaten by Tyrian, a previously featless character who was sent to capture the spring Maiden, another unknown and featless character, who, for all we know, could be five years old or blind or missing a leg, considering we know nothing about the spring Maiden. We don't even know if she can USE her maiden abilities.

So yeah, Qrow isn't any stronger or faster than what he has shown. And winter still has a lot she hasn't shown us. I have no doubt about it.

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@sladerulez: Winter can simply be seen as a faster and strongest Weiss with slightly better Glyph control.

The fact he fought Tyrian and contended with Winter despite being Drunk which slows down human bodily reactions and using his sword which we know he's not as good at using as his Scythe.

Show Winter using any of those, for all we know she could have just mastered the summoning and 2 or 3 brand new types.

We don't know that. Qrow was distracted by Ruby and was easily pushing Tyrian back for the majority of their fight, for all we know Winter might be utterly garbage with any of her Glyphs other than Summoning.

Qrow is stronger and faster by feats and logic, Winter is featless and struggled to beat a Drunk Qrow.

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@chaos239: yet he was gonna pull out his scythe against winter, yet not Tyrian.

And he was not pushing Tyrian back. Tyrian kept Qrow on the defensive for the majority of that fight. And they were evenly matched in strength.

Not to mention that Tyrian also disarmed him prior to Ruby's intervention. As a matter of fact, If Ruby didn't try sniping Tyrian, then Qrow wouldn't have had the opportunity to retrieve his weapon.

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@chaos239: winter and Weiss not only have different weapons, but different levels of skill and different levels of reliability over their semblance.

You are once again just making assumptions with her glyphs. She doesn't use them as often because she doesn't rely on them as much. As shown when talking to Weiss, Winter has a lot of knowledge and experience with glyphs and knows how to use and control them.

Ruby didn't become a problem until near the end.

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@sladerulez: He did it once hint at needing it, he was pulling it out for the act at most, he clearly knew Ironwood was coming. Also unlike Winter who used her Glyphs multiple times, brought out her dagger and once again wasnt drunk and clearly joking around, Qtoe never displayed any signs of going all out, only annoyance at best.

Tyrian had Qrow on defence for the first Half and then Qrow came back after knocking him away with a couple of punches and a kick which Tyrian couldnt do anything to stop.

Qrow didn't need Rubys help to physically beat Tyrian down, we know his tail can operate quite wel without him needing to display any form of attention to it.

The Spring Maiden is a Maiden, shes clary going to be far more powerful than your average Hunter otherwise Ozpin wouldn't just let her roam free.

Your making assumptions on the Maidens Power, it's clear Ttrain has hunted Maidens before.

Too bad Winter has no relevant feats with her Glyphs.

Yes the end where up to that point Qrow had been beating Tyrian soundly.

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#59 Edited by DrPepperMan (6288 posts) - - Show Bio

Wendy in the tartoras arc with DF should be roughly episode 1 natsu level, and I don't know how powerful RWBY characters are, so if anyone here has hax or is above large city block to small town level she stops there.

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#60 Posted by FlashingSabre (3768 posts) - - Show Bio

@drpepperman: What? I'd put base Wendy from her fight with Chelia above BoS Natsu. You think BoS Natsu could beat members of Tartarus?

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@flashingsabre: I based this off the fact natsu in the first episode had terrible motion sickness, yet Wendy had none at all. And even without that what natsu did with that iron fist against bora was pretty impressive. But I'm ok with her being above him, Wendy was one of those weak characters that don't really matter in battle. The only thing I know for sure is she is above Lucy and everyone below Lucy (excluding CSK of course.)

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@chaos239: he was pulling his scythe out before he noticed, which is why he had a look in surprise. He saw James and chose to put his weapon away to infuriate winter to the point where she was going to kill him, only for James to intervene.

So he was pushed to the defensive, then landed three blows, before going back to defensive. After that, ruby intervened, then Qrow was poisoned.

Being a Maiden means that you have the power over nature. That is it. If a Maiden was a newborn infant, she will not beat a standard huntsman.

Amber wasn't only a Maiden, but a fully trained huntress who was entrusted to perform her duties. The spring Maiden isn't Ozpin's responsibility, nor has it ever been implied to be his only responsibility. The other headmasters know about the relics, so they should probably know about The Maidens as well.

And if he has hunted the Maidens once, he wouldn't need to do it again, due to, you know, Salem taking away their power the second he retrieves one.

Too bad Qrow only pulls out his scythe against characters he can't beat with his sword, like how he was gonna against Winter, yet not Tyrian.

And nope, after retrieving his weapon, he jumped on the roof, and Tyrian nearly pushed him off, until he fell through a weak plank, yet pulled Qrow with him too, then Ruby intervened.

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Wellllll, the new episode has confirmed a few things about Qrow. Including his tolerance for alcohol. When Qrow goes to the bar after talking with Lionheart he meets Oscar/Ozpin. When he comes back he's visibly drunk and Ruby remarks "Qrow. Did you get drunk again?" So in summary, there is a difference between Sober Qrow and Drunk Qrow. Sober Qrow is what we normally see. Drunk Qrow is what we saw in the Winter fight (3,3) and after he came back from the bar with Oscar/Ozpin (5,1). So he isn't always drunk/highly tolerant. Drunk and Sober Qrow are two different characters. One stumbles, confrontational and lets his tongue free and the other is cynical, confrontational and lets his tongue free. There similar but you can tell the difference between the two.

@pyrofn: @chaos239: @watcher5000: @sladerulez:

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@asianantics: but the level of how drunk he is?

In the fight, he wasn't stumbling or weezy at all in the fight. Not to mention we havs no real idea as to how long it took him to get to Winter. He left the Bar after the SSSN Fight or Weiss and Yang's fight (if i remember correctly, let me know if I'm wrong) and that means that it's probably been a few hours for him to get to The Atlesian knights.

That would have been plenty of time to Sober up.

Qrow never doubted his chances, but neither did Winter.

And Based off of what RoosterTeeth have shown us, Winter and Qrow are always at each others necks and they are always act like that to one another.

Qrow pisses Winter off for she can attack him.

And considering she landed more blows, I doubt she was worried a single bit.