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Weakest DBZ Character That Can STOMPS Narutoverse In Less Than 10 Seconds???

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Final form Frieza

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mr satan

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without out scaling probably someone post top

with ion know cause scaling dbz properly never goes right

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Lord yamcha with .00000000000000000000000000000001 of his true power

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Going with the Androids.

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This has been done before. Likely a lot.

What is with the Dragonball fanbase's obsession with soloing other verses?

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Even Final Form Frieza can't do it that fast.

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Ultra Instinct Shaggy, apparently he only had the power of SSGSS.

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First form Frieza deopping a supernova or possibly Nappa lifting his two fingers.

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Any planet buster,busting the planet should do

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SSB Goku

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A character powerful enough to disintegrate a star (to be sure to kill characters like Kaguya who is planet level see a little more). Cell first form (fight against Picollo, c17 and C16) is the ideal candidate.

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Beerus blitz and kill them all .