Wally West vs Bart Allen

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Wally rebirth and Bart is The Flash.


Who Wins?

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Bart stomps hard, I assume this is Post-Crisis Bart since the OP specified that Bart is the Flash here.

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Nope. I love Bart dearly but no. Bart never had Wally's feats. Not as Impulse. Not as Kid flash and not as The Flash. When he became the Flash he was killed off before he had a chance to do anything insane and the moment he was Wally came back and turned Inertia into a statue. Garrick was the first and slowest. Barry inadvertently created the speed force. Wally mastered and main lined it and then Bart had the entire speed force and the writers did nothing with it. He had the most potential but never got to see it realized.

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If Rebirth Wally is anything like his Post-Crisis self, he should win. For all Bart's potential, he had trouble with Steppenwolf.

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Rebirth Wally was able to stop time, still has the speed steal and even being a shell of his former self, he has just as good of feats as the overhyped Bart Allen Flash.

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